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POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thlspowdernever varíes. A marvel of purll . oLrcMKt h and wholpsomt-neas. More ecunointcal Hihii the ordlnitry kludK.aiid c-mimit be s.nd In competitlon with the raultltmle of low tesl, Hhiirl welirlit, aluin or phnsphate powilers. Sol,] uiily In i'hiis. Kiival Haklni' Powder Co . 1O6 Wall t.. N. Y. SKIN aSCALP. leanseil, Puriflcil and Keautillod hj the Cutieura Remedies. For ('li-aimiiür the Skin and Scalp of DipflgurIn Mnmor-, for ¦i!alne lichiuir, Bnrnlin; and h i! mini itinii. lorcurim; thcflrsi tymptuDK 01 Kczin, Poriani?. Mlik l'rust, pcald liead, Scro'ula and otber inht-ritt'1 fkiijaud blood di-t-axe. Ca'ïcum. the great Skin ('ure. aud L'uiicura Soi p, an exquiKite ekiu buautifier, rxieiually, aud Callean K''Mtvent,the uew Blood l'urifier, lutrrna l are iD'aliible. A C0MPLK1E CCIBF.. I hnv suftVn d ;il! mv liie willt Bkin il rn'in.-n of d fff rt-ii kliiin, rttiii have n"ver f-m rf. pt-rin in-'nt re, ie , nut ', y the ilvico or a l idy rru.ud 1 d your Taluable Outtcura Bmdla. I avfthem x thnr -iiiíli trial, nnnite hx lnntlu - of the Vuticura Retolvent. two boxee ol Vticura and M-veu of Cutieura Soap, and the nsul1 wi Jusr whai I hud been io:d n wou ld e- a compute cure BKLLK WADE, Rkhinond, Va. Reference, G W. Laiimer D aggmt, Kichmond MALT i;n :.i m TURKI) I was troa'lcd lih valt Hheiim for a nuiubor c yenrs. so that (he fklu ntlrely ome off of mj hnd from ihe fineer tipa to the wrlst. I trle remedies di] doctors' prese iptlnn to no purposc unill I comraenced uiting Cuticura Kemtdlti, ani now 1 am entireiy rurrd. K. T. PARKER, 379 .Northamptn St., Boston ÜRUGGISTS KMMIKSK THEM. Une Kold a qaantlty ot your Cntlcura Reme dien. Oüe of my cust'iruer, Mr. Heory Kintz, m ho hiid letter on her; hand" to encj an extent ft tncoethe ikm to peel off, and for elght yea -be m (IVrel greatlv, m completely cuted hy tht upe o" your medicine". V. S. vYK.'D-u.'uist, Cantón, Ohio. ITCHIXG, STALT, PIMPI.Y. Kor the Hit year I have had a pece of Itchlng, ciy and pmily hnmnr mi oiy lace to whlch I h ivc pplieja ffre"' mmy melbnds n( treatment witlinm surce, and wblch t peedily and entlrely cured by Cuticnr i, Mr. IriSA'T PHELP8, Rarena. O. NO MFDÍCINE LIKE THEM. Weh.vesold your CuHcura üemtdies tor the lt ix yearí, and no medicines on our ahelven betrer üatlsfictiun. C. F. ATUEK1ON, Drn?i?i8t, All)ny, N. Y. Sold hy all Dmkfintn. Prlce : CuTteum. 50Cs.; Kmoi.TEMT, S1.00: Soap, 25c ta Pottbr Dbco íd Cuiiiical Co.. Boston. St-iid for "How to ('ure Nkiu Dlse8CB " (T-P TTT3C! Pimplea, Siln Blemiihe and Baby wU JJ-, liumors cnred by ('nticura Soap Catarrh to Consumption, Catarrh In it deructive lorce etand next to and nrd.iiibtedly leud? on to coneumption. It ia tbire fore singular tnt those afflicted wlth thla iearlal dluue should not make It the object of ihelr llTeê to rtd tbemstlves oi It. Deceptlve remedien concoc ed hy iKnorant pretender to medica] knowleuge have weakened the confidence of the great m Jorlty of autterers In all adrertised remedies rney beceme re-igned to a liíe of misery rather Lhan torture thitnnelves win doublful plliutiv.. lint ttiir" wlll il. v,.r (,. Catarrh must he met ! every stage and cumiuited wnh 11 onr ml'ht. In niiny cetie ds e hoi. lonmrd dang.rou-yin,, oiiiK. Tue bonesand cuitilege of ilie nose lüe o rn ol hearing, of aeeing and of Wsting .. affucted nu to bi' nselese, tbe uvula so elungHted he mroHl so ir:llamed and ïrrltted aa to prodnea conatant and uh-ik-b t,,K cougb. Hanukoku s IUiihal CUBK meeta ever) pha-.M.i c.iarib, lrom asimple head cold to the mom Umibiome aud denraciiv.' tige-. It i local nd coniituiion. InhUnt n eii. Tng, nrmv ueut iu mrlnjr, et; ecouoinlcai .nid uever-fa'liug. Kacb piukaeec.iDtaiiií onebottleof the Radical CuitK.and one box of Catharkal RkSOI.VKNT, and one Imfrovkd Imiai.kk; prlce ¦fj-j KIDNEY PAINS. Z9[ And that wearv neusation ever pre-eul V MU w tli tliii-c of iiitiKiiivü Kidn.vK, Weak I lt Hack and l.olue Achiui; Hlps and Sidea I Aoverwurked r wurn uut by dl-ease. de'vluy ur dtaalpitlon, are r'lll In one ¦niuate and are ppeedily curt-d by tbe t utjcuka AMi-l'ilN PLASTKK, a üfw original, eli'nunt aud ihfl uimmiiou. At diiiKK'iO. V ; (or $1.00, or "1 Po tkk Ukuu and Chemical Co., Boftou. 1887. HARPER'S YOUN i PEOPLE. AN ILLUSTKATEI) WEEKLY. Hakper's Youno Pboplk haa been called "the model of whut a periódica! lor youug readeniougbt t be,"and ibe JuBtlce of tlil eommDdatlon la amply ustalned by the largeclrciilatlou It hiw nttalned bolh al Lome and in ( Britaln. This succes ha been retobad by methods that must commend iln-iiiM'lvcs to the JiKlgmeot of paren tH no les thao to the taste of chlldreu -namely, ly an ciinii'Hi and wel] uxtalned ertort to provlde tlie be and most attractlve readlng Rwjroung peopleala low prlce. The IllustraIioiih ure copiou uud of a coploualy high ¦.Uuiilard of excellence. An epitome of everything tlmt ttractivc and ücsirable in juvenile literatura.- Boston Courier. A weekly least of good things to the boyt and girl ia every tViiiiily which it visits - Brooklyn U. ion. It is wonderful n its wealth of picturet, nformation and interest.- Christun Advocate, N. Y. TEEM : Postij I'repaid, $'2 Per Year. Vul. VI II. commencei November t, ISSii. Singlo nuinhere, 5 cent each. ItouilllHiiccü slioulil be made by Pont OfftVe Mnnay Order or Drafc, Loavold clianccof loss. atwmaotrë nrr not to copy th s advertUement without the ejeprem order of Haki'KK & Bkothkhs. Aildreas HAltPKR 4 BROTHEIW, New York. ¦¦w JAMES O. HI.AIMCH K f)utIla all oih-r books. Hou. B$ j Jt . - Wlse of 'k, Hays : " Whoeier HWl t'iket U uiiui matlrr u-hether ht BR rB be Mr. BImm'ê friend or ciirmy, LaU "¦'" nrver put it duu-lt uittil ',r BP.M BQ hut retid the u-holr." Ilou. Allí n iin WE ''¦¦, suy: ".-1 cluêtio H ¦ tnourpvlUUalhUtory." tÊL' AK'-nbl walitc(l nn Cl ludlljiWÊbf mii ur üalury. A'ltln .¦, HUi llrollter, K1WiW (Wuniiiv, (th,n