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The Jannary numbi-r of ttie Enrlili Dluatrated Magazine wlli contáis the Hrl of a series of Illnstrated papan by Ibl author of "John H.ilifax,Qeniliiiimii,"descriptive of a recent visit to Irelatid. Amonü tlie other aiticles wlll be "The üaugliteis of George III.," by Mr W üutram TrUtnun, witli ilhistrations; and a series of illiistmtioits t Fonque's :-Ui - dine" by Mi. Hevwood Suiniitr, wilh an iuti!le on the romaucu by Mrs. Julia Cartwright. The Febriiaiy Dumber of Scrlbner'a Mawine of whioh li')OK) copie h;ive he. ii ordered as a tirst edition, ill contiiin t most iiiteiestiiis ailicle by Mr. Jolin C. Bopea, upon ihe "LlkWMMÉ of Jnlins Cit'-ar," wit li 18 portrslta, ne of whieh, engraved by Mr. V. B. Closson, wlll le the frontispieee of th number, A new story is bejfnu n t lic same iiumltr, by Mr F. J. StlUMOn (.1. S. of D.ile), entitled, "The lUsiduary Legalee." The oond InsbüineDt of ex vifnlater Waslibunie's "Rcminlgcene of the Sieiie hik] Commune ot Paris" is of the rratT-st interes!, descnbiiiff as it does the most uerefting phases of the siege. Amona: tlie new muslo il publications oí the rnoiilh, there Hre very many clioice and acceptable pieees, bolh vocal and instrumental, and ümong tliem are the rollowiDjr li gant editions, whlch have been oarel'ully selected tor apecial notice : "Leu Volontaires." Maich, by Gohbaerts, 40 cents; "An After Tliouglit," beautiful song by Fallen ins, 30 cents; "Nïgbt Kliipenieiit,'1 G.iloi),a piano duet by Pound 50 cents; " Privates wlio Fouht in the Hunks,"a capital son){ and chorus that wili please the oíd Soldicrs; it a by Bayrd 3.5 cents; "The Wheelraan's Galop," piano piece by Spring, 30 cents; are also recoinmended. Any of these pleces sent to any ftridren, ou receipt of price, by the oíd and well-known house of O. Ditson & Co., Boston, Mass. 8t. Nicholas for January, which was issiu-d December 27, is really not 8o much a New Yeitr's number as it is a second part ot the Christmas uutnber. Tlie artille "Mil let and the ChiMren," by Ripley Hitchcock, with its illustrations by the fireat peasant painter, and the curious little sketches, never bctbre published, made by liim to imnH bil grandchildren, will hIso amuse and interest all the reailers of St. Nicholas, whether they are fond of art or only of pictures; and thetwo Eton papers, "A Gliuipse of Eten School," by Edwin O. Mead, and "A Visit to Eton," by jüiiL:iuriu rvouina rennen, toriiniig the seoond of the "Four Gieatj Engllsli Schools " series, give a keen Inilght Into the mannen and ctMtomi of boys to day and long ao in the greatest of' all tlie Eiifilish schools. KraneeIIHl.s ni Hurnetfs new serial, "The tory ol Prínoc Fairyfoot," is continued, with the clever illiiMrutiou liy Alfred Breiman Hose Hawthorne Litthroii, has a tltnely uncí amutilig story, "with il purpose," and the niimher open with an uld-time poen bv Bdltll M. Tilomas, calleJ " Ye Merrie Christnias Feast," clisiriiiingly illustrated. The sales of the Oiitury Magazine hav(rone up over 30,000 copies In six weeks, since begin liliig the Life ot' Lincoln. A Si-cond (tditlon of December will bfi issucd ou the 16tb. A veleian N'ew York publisher preilicts that the permanent edition of ihe maffaziiie wlll go beyond 30i),ü()0 befoie the oompletion of the Lincoln history. TheJaniiary installment, which i Sa ld by tlie editor to be of most Mtrpassinj; interest, occuples thlrty pages of the magazine, and treats of Mr. Lincoln's aettlcineutin Spiiusflicld; hispiiictice of law in that city; thu Harrlson campaign; Lincoln's marrtage lus fiiciul-hip with the Speeds ot Kentucky: the Shielda duel; and the camptlgn of 1S44. The llliutratlon are numen. us, includitijf portiaiis of Joshuu Speed and wite, ol Mr8 Lucy G. Speed, Millón Hay, Presldi-iit Uiriison, Oeneial Shields, Wllllaiu H. Ileriiilon (ibe law partner of Mr. Lincoln), and Mr. LiDOuln tümseif, from the ptiotograph presen eed by hini to Mrs. I.iny G. 8peed, in 18til Piolures are ïven of the boQM wlicre Lincoln w:iB uiariiecl, also the hom; wliere hu lived atU:r liih iu;iinajc, etc, etc.


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