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l887DETROIT TRIBUNE. The Metropolitan Republicau Journal of Michigan. A Standard Family Newspaper The subscrlption Hst of the Detroit Tribnne has been very largely increased under its new mana eincnt, and its politica! intiucnce made itseil btrikniily feit in the campaiirn which has just closcd. Asa sterling Family NeWMpaper itwill not mcrely maintain its high standing durim; the cnniin t year tbut it will be strengthened and improved. THE TRIBUNE Contalns All the Newit ForeU-n. Domestie, State and Local, in Üic most readabie fonn. It contaias the latest and most readabie Market Reporta. It contains able. vigorous Kuitorials and punent parayraphs, candid and tiniely comment on currunt issues and important qucstiotis of the day. lti short 1t is a BHIGHT, LIVELY. AGGRESSIVE RBPUBLICAN , NEWSPAPER - A MICHIGAN PAPER KOR MICHIGAN READERS. The WE E KL Y TRIBUNE Is a large eight-pae paper of 64 columns, BOBtfBint; editorial discussion of current issues from the standpoints of accurate inlormation and adherencc to correct polilical and economie principies, ínter , eating and valuable miscellaneous re ad int; malter, original and quoted poems and sketches, and seleetions from the best literature of the day. Especial attention will be paid to topics of interests tn the rural cnmmunity, and to discussion of questions of interest in practical aencultural, letters on faim and home topics, receipts, etc. In brief, neither, pains nor, expense will be ipared in keepinfc The Tribune a rt cla-' Kam 1 1 y Newnpaper, stron in all departments, and in every wav vrorthv of the ereat state with whose history ana crowth it has been so lont: and so closely idenüfied-E Per Slx Three Annuin Mos. Mus. DAILY, exceptSunday $5.00 $2.50 $1.25 DAILY, includinz Snoday... 6.00 3.30 1.50 WEEKLY _ 1.00 .50 .30 For $1.50 we will send the Weekly Tribune for one yer and a copy of "Our 'amlly;ily-. lela,' valuable houbchnld medical work ol (44 paees, well printed and handsoniely bound- a dook that retails at #3.00. The Weekly Tribune will be sent on trial to New Subscrlbers three months for 20 cents. AU postatre prepaid. Specimen copies free. Remittances may bc sent at our risk by drafts on Detroit banks, money orders or in rcffisterad letter. Liberal terms to atents and canvassers. Scnd for particulars. Address THE TRIBUNE, Detroit, Mich. THE VERMOMT SU6&R EWMMTOB PH. to matnUIn HT thelr repata-[ L tiüuformoW '-lti ratlonwltli "&- OT least foei. m. HBr They bave .B y c0 complica gBr tedUi-TTE! STr": and CBis: tBSt keiii tb at MV J SRgod after JBtWM W uw.andttiat cot at to lean. All part are In sIro t of tto operator. Xre iOld u low a Inferior apparatu. IPf UTO WANTED e-5b 1SS232 fllll .lCort. Sample ir to tbow bettULII ¦ V rominx arnt. No rlê. qulck aal Trrrtlory givao, aatlifacüOD gaarantMd. Addrau UR.SCOTT.842 Broadwa St.,N.Y' THÍSPAPERlSfi Now8iaper AdvortUing Bureau (10 Spru p Ifflulf tisiii),M-.iitrn.tsiuuy MfW InIVi U mmlo ior It lulltil ¦!¦¦


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