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SgN I SPECIAL [ J 'fLAVORlNls $v(SnTs- _ -rS?J NATURAL FRUIT iJUrOW}inÑjAíg W FLAVORS MOST PERFECT MADE Preparad .. ..n etrlrt recaní (o Purltv, StronRf h, nni llealttifiiliifrit. Dr Prlca'B Baking rowdsrcoauini no Ani uioaia,Ume, Alara ar Phoephatee. l)r.l'rii'k ExtriiciH, VunillH, I..MIHIH, etc., jluvor dcliciously. MAY I. ATP CHIIU .V. ..„;. ofterctl lr sal r"ivsiit'l as grood as the VauiouH PEARL TCP BIT TllI'.Y are worr And like all Conijtorfrits 1 i IC mui I, VSTI. Qualiil ¦- OF THE GEXCINS. ask FÓa t H E PEARLTÏ And Insist yTIJV ï H I - Pat. Oct. 80,1 SS 3. The PËARlTtOP is manulacturrd OSIM' :y 010. A, MACBTH fr C0„ P1TTSBURGH, f ' n. TT PTUR JEd. yK I ;N's IMPKRIAI. TROas. f ¦ap,Spi::il sprint; ruclfd from I li n t HHpuunds ín prrasare. JÏ=H()I{ IVV AND MtíHT, S by mi tnfimi kwaak ild, oraa Cl athilt SO yenrs. T1" " '. - j l.M.lii's rrusst's il perfeotlon. C_ close stamps (br testimnultils % o( cures, etc. K(J N IMPKRIAI. TRl'S CO ANN AKKOK, MlCH C.H.ST.CLAIR&SgNS H .MI ACTI'KKHS UK SclMCliirt FUKXITÜI E. IIPFII 1 HOU I II MIÍS AND WIND-MILLS. Are iiow prepftreti to manufacture School tui') i 'hurvh urn Uu te, tuut t ipcru Houw Chaira, I.awn Settees, Cunip T&Mefl una the TRIUMPH WIND-MILL The 1kjsi and 8 mpleHt aml must reliable In Heprtiring done ou short uotlce. Also dealers I ii UMI'S, ( VI,INHEI{S. HIPKS, V.TV. TANKS MADE TO OBDKR. LADDERS, l'K.U'H BOXES, BEERT CK TRS, In filet, any nrtlcle made to order. NO. 33 N. FOURTH STREET, ANN ARBOR, MICH. EEAL EblAlE INSÜRANef AGENGY. J. A. SESSIONS. A.TTORNKY AND XOTAKY PUBLK1 Raftl Ksi;ue BOld or rented and tn m] leclfil -il n-iiM -iiiilili1 lerms, Kom bal "11 ftod BnicelaH Insurance CimpiiDltfN repr#nentü - with Insurance capi t ril of f 10,4100,000, Kfttefl as low hk nny other liMir.iinT rinnpaiiy atlfi losst-s pruiuptiy pald. Olïlc1 nvt-r A iiit;ri-;tn Kxpress ofïlce. Main vtr-i. nn At hor. M icli. PÍease to Notice Thrs ! I wtll sptïi! pur h t my Tust' nicrs Notice wii''i: hls Nul"1 ui Aivniin! will be ilue. 1 will cspH'l him 10 ve llie matter hl pronipl BtienliOD al that (line. I will s-ih1 only une Notlee of thta kinü. I hope all will oonitder itus nnfllHent. loflu are loo nriiall ttiiü credJUa loo hh airanlmeto hor? w moni. lo l'.iy uy Dbt( do tnatler howMinall or liovv great the Bill.' I w.mi li rorlhoniftltttf wben tne. I ani thankful for uiii patnHiHffe. bul tbE Vny 1 mimi have XOafl truly. M. RO&ERS, FOR ÜYSPKPSIA. MENTAL AND . PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION, NERVOUSNESS. WEAKENED ENERCY, INDIGESTIÓN, ETC., ETC. ACIO PHOSPHATF. A llqnld preparatlou of the pliospliates tul pliogpliorlc acid. Kecommended by 1'Iivi.Icíhms. Il m.iki's a ilfliclotlH drinlc. In v; iniiiin Hiid 8lriiKliening. I'amphJel in ¦ Kiili BALE BY ALL DEALERS. Rumford Chemical Works, PrarMcaee, - - Kliode Isiand. t-BKWAIlK OF IMITA'l'iON.S. ABNER MOORE'S T0NS0RIAL PARL0R, HTTDROISr STREET, Next door to Ilie Karmir'H uii.l Meclmnlc's liank HAII! CUTTINÖ, SIIAINO, SHAMPOONINQ AND DYEIN;. I'lie b p W'orkmpn flnd HutiHlttct luii Uuarauteed.


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