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NOFEEI1 ) isTiBtisHED i85i. ( Morxil UNTILBETTER ƒ DKTROIT.MICH. ƒ Block ' - 3C" The Begnlar, Old-Estatlished LfejJ PHYSICIAH & SURGEON O j$Y '! rtUI "¦ lt!l tho e"ltert i SXILLAND SUCCES8 k )-A.1- XjYOUNGmenmiddle-aged men and all persons who by their own acts of Imprn denco or Follyat any periotl of life havebrough upon themselves, the evil effect followiriK closely unon the heels of tTan siression of the laws of nature, should consult tn cek-brated Dr.Clarke at once. Reinninberl Nervou dlenes(with or without dreams) or dobllltjr and loss of nervo poiver treated scientifically by new methculs will iicvtT fjiiling success. #"lt makes no dlfferenca Kluit you have uken or who has failed to cure you j-7;,e terrible polsons of Syplillii and al fond blood and skin disenne, completcly i r;i.licatcd without mercury, K"Hieinber llial thisone horrible liaease, if neglectcd or impropcrly acated, curses the present and coming generations AtT All unnntnrnl discliargcs cured promptly Kiihout hindrance to business. No experiment. ïloth sexes consult coiifidriitlally. Age añil i espertase Importnnt. A written euarnntee of cure given in every cuse umTertaken. arB-Sufferers from any chronlc disease write Hietory and Syniptoms of your case - plainly. Cases solicited which others have failed to cure. rf-Scnd two stamps for c"l"brated workd on CfironlCi Kervous and I'llcnte Diseases. You have un exhaustiva symptomatoloByby which to study your own case. Consultation, personaüv or by letter, freO. Consult the oli Doctor. Thousaiids cured. Ofliees and parlors private. You see no one but the Doctor. Rcfore confidinff your case consult DK. CLAREE, A friendly letter or cali may save future suftcring am shame and add golden vcars to life. Medicines Bent everywhere secure rom exposure, llours, b to S i bun Jays, 9 to 1 2. Add: F, O. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. Mlch CURES Coughs,Colds,Asthma,Tickling in the Throat, Whooping Cough, Quinzy, Sore Throat, Consumption, Bronchitis, and all Pulmonary Diseases. YOUNC'S ICougH A..-., ' ¦¦ !!¦¦¦¦ ¦ Dansvtlle.Mich. á Iloweil, Mlen., Au. 1&, - ! fcf lOm. 2K. W74.-I I was iiicwkHi f have tried Dr. E. wit h & evercj M % A.Young's Oough cold and J and Lung 8yrup ened wit h Iudk i m S for more than a fcver white on a II $ year, as 1 bad ocvialt to Iludson, s VV $ a reme Micb., alinut a ! dy for Colds and montb ugo, sul ( O o u te h s , and ninch ro that I ! t founditareliable was urintilt' to til! ' m ! medicine. 1 have an apuoltitmeiit I M t uscd hls Ajruc t p r e it c h on ¦¦ $ and Liver Syrup account of my I in m y famlly wtth severo cnnzhu,t ¦ ¦ $ the best of sucbut manaed to ! ï ces, curlng my get home tod S ¦ ¦ ! mother iwhose medíate I y tok, agewasover some of ír. KA $ seventy yoar) of sssÉy u gs mvniuiih liitme!' _ J Kever and Amie, sasoodhI oon-i I sfl tke eoood nenoad t&klngli, I mJB gchtll and rever. ïi tj '1 1 Umi r f 1 takc pleasure ni'iit rehor wtinii ! in recommending 1 Hm Httaiked t ! tho above remeta v cough or1 [Jdles to all wlio lunK cmplaint. rf need them KEV. KUBT. COPK. I RIV. 8. B. KIMMII.L. Pold by all drugfrlsts. Price, 25c., 50c. and tl.OO. Lartre bottles eent free on receipt of prlce. fr W. JOHNSTON & CO., Oetroit, michicam. RINSEY & SEAOLT'S BARERY. GROCERY, -AND Flour and Feed Store. Wc koop coimtactl) in h, HREAD, CHirKKHS. VK!:S, BTC., fbr Wh..ifs,ii.' and Kctatl r .-i.-. Wiotan ilii) kam a -ir.p'.v 'il 8WIPT & DgUBKL'P BKSI White Wheat Flour! lelhi Flour, I'lour, Knok wlcctil (lom. 4'orn n al, !'(¦(. ric, nnd ':¦ ']. A .rneral slock ol SROCERIES aflil PHOYISIüNS Conptaiitly on iiKm!, vhtffh wW !; n.tjd on as refponahli tcrnifi ui un othflf !ou-i' ín 'h'1 cit . Otflh pai'i for Bi"iTFK, Ki.t; , ¦ ÍCOÜNTHT PRODUCE nneralty Poolf d Itvofnfl to anj iwrt of the rit y without extra chfiry--. RINsFV k SKA BOLT. iw út mmi Whüe THK M'.W VOHK WKKKIiY TI(IIUiK s most fxpeiisive puhiication oi ts claat in the United States, nwertheleu its price s miw tixt-d ut $i u year, the Seim-WteA.y al $a ; n both cases au extra bopy wit)i .1 club of 10. The campiiii;n jus closed (bund the country n he trouh ol llic politie tl w.ivtb, The Kepubiican managen have made the best strugle tliey could ¦Minst a st.itc of nnaml apathy la a few States they have been aided bv the inspiring prtsence of u reat leader whose spee hes have in :i - eneJ ftlmoct the only enthusi.iMii iinywliere shown. rhe resuli of the campaign ia gratifying ; its gmini are an inspiration ; the Dtrinocratic losjes are a ilain guide to the popular dr ft. Krom this time rard the country wil] fee! the lift of ihtr advancn wave of 18S8 whicli. if we all do our duty. will v,u]M)ut Iroin Washington the masqoeradcn now n pOSS r ¦¦Jon, Ihe Ibes vi' protection, cquulity and wtriolic gorernment lt it now the duty of all ¦arnest and expenenced workers to bend Ihw ciicrffosttnrard untted and bearty rork lor 188&. The arty Is to bc Consolidated, chéered and rallied. To rk THB PRIBUNB pledges its ras loas ffbita. TUK TïtiniNÏ niK-rs lor !Ss; „v,-i;il aellent premiums, Indudtn llic Tribune Book of Opt'n Air Sports. work compiled by TUK TUIBUNB csprtilly r the jfonf SMB of the Unitad St tes lt i-s a horouh BtutemcDt of prekc t fctatu of OpenAu athletic amusenients in Ameiu;i, with ¦ (ons 10 beginners, the rules ut" every Important 'ame. the records oí' noted Contéatl .nul thfl achtev neiits nf Aintriran Chanipu-n. The ttoo til oni.iiii abont 150 Illiisiraliuni I repro Ided 'i) Arcliery; Baae-Uul, "¦ ith toe r cura ií vonderfnJ playinu and the League and AtsocíatiOQ niitt.-sts. and insli ucti 11 -- hou tCurv ,1 h.i I ; I,.(v n 'ennia. Court Tenn e tl batl Cricket Backet, .acrosse, Horseanashia Croas Country Hunting; Yachting, with a dicussion ol Sloop and Culter nd tostructlons 1I" to Design, Build and Sail Boat; Kowing, Caaoainfr ri I hm-, lunting with ishot-t;u:i snd KuIl Cjamping-out, N'ïnter Sports, Blcycllng, Aniatt-ur Photoraphy' nd ¦ few minor anorta. Among the wnters who ïave contrlbuted are Wil Ham Blai ie Nïaunce hompaon Cáptalo l.icob A. Aujiur, Cavaln intructor at West raat David Kirby, Thomas Uapham, Gentrai Gee 1 ' Wingate, Professor j ieorge Goldie, Director of AthtitlCl of tl ie New 'or Alhletlc Club ; and s hnrge numherof privüte , eatleman thraaghout the country have lurnished acts concernlng the wild ame and hu tlng sports f their locülitits, Né book "t this ch-racer has ever been put into print in Amenca. lt is , uihciently elemental tobe a BoyN Own Book," 1 uil answer all the purposes of our inanly youtli. 1 nd yet will also meet the (Iemands of adults U ili be ready for delivery Oecemher ist Octavo, 500 ajfes. KeUil price. $ Jo. Terms, postagc pald vith Weekty, 1 year. 8a. 50. with Semi-we kly 1 ear $.150; with I aily, S1050. Ou y to be bad in ' nnnection with yearly subscriptions to THE TRIM NI Also "Blunt- Uirtc Practíce.' a book for every lunter. and NatWnal Gvardamanj ¦ fcn VValthñm Vatch ; the Low-priced Waterbnr WatCh ; the wo tfaabridged Dlctionaritt; Wnod's Medicine, lygiane and Surgery, lUustratod; and Voangi "oncordance f the BIble, Sample cnpy. rfrlng terms in full, sent free ; dei by postal canl. A Cttra Agent wftnted wtserever ritere. m emhm, THE TRIBUNE, New York. O Tbc III KUS' GVIOK U tsonrcl S it. and Mnrcli, ' u li year. 314 pa;rs, I 8', ill', Inch, with over 3,5OO Uliutrutlous - i , wluil( Picture Guilrry. GIVKS AVbolrsule Pit, . a ilirect to MHiMMM on all jroodH íbr ! liersonal or fumUy use. Tclls how to onlir, and glves m t cotit of t i - i thtnK you use, i , drink, umr. or have fuii with. These I.N AI.l HI.K , HitOK.S rontaln Information glrnn.a ( from the markrti of the world. . til ninll a y FRKë to any ' dreHS mpon receipt of 10 ets. to defray (( expense of mailing. Let us h ur froin you. Hespectfully, MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. ü-'7 A fiV Wabaah Aveaue, l'hloana, 111.


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