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Real Estate Transfers

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The followlng list of real estáte transfers record Jamiary 2i 1S87, Is reponed by K rauda A. Shiltery, Washteuaw County Abstract Olflce, secoiul tloor, Farmers and Medíanles Bank, Ann Arbor,: Ropilla liamlln. by adrn'r, to Russel E. it.'i'Vf lot 2 b2 sol Hurón str., rio City of Ann Arlior 1,520 John K. NicholH by exec'r to Jacob H. Clongb w 'Í of no w and part of e 4 of uw S4 of sec. 30 T of Aun Arbor 7,000 Patrlck to Krank Dolan.w Y% of so í sec 80 T of Nortlifleld 5,000 Win. K. Uhllds to Walter Kelly, plece of land In sec 15, coutalniug 14 A 59 Ueo. Uoodwln's lielrs to Geo. W. Uoodwln, u 21 A. of sw of se and s 20 A. nw ü of se ii and n%)A of s 00 A. of e i of se i ui sec. , ï of JLyndon 1 Win. Slark to Jno. H. Stark, e % ofw Hand w % ofwtf of e % of ue % of èo 2 ï of Öalera 100 Clias. S. Slark lo Jno. H. Slark, 8 A on" w slde of e ü of w % of ne of sec 2 T of Salem 400 II. T. Van Vaukenburg to Harriet Jewetl, n H of ae 4 of se v of sec 29 and part of w Yt of awnnd part of se of sw'íí and part of w ¦ ol se i of sec is. AIÍ In T of .Manchesier 1,000 HarrleL L. Jewell to Harriet T. Vau "iuktint)urK. sanie as above 1,000 Keuben Kempf ti) M. J. Lehman, pleoe of land In sec. 15, T of .Sylvan. Also w lt uw ' of aec -' - aud that part of eUolueuof seo 22, lylng u ol blgUpay, 143 a. f of Hylvan 2,500 IliiMsrll '. Reeve to Anna B. Hm. h, lot 2 l)2sr5e,Cof Aun Arbor ï,500 Kobecca Webster to Geo. Henlou, two p oflaiul In aeo 83, T of Ann Arbor 100 Thos. J. Caeoh to Gottlelb Buchliolz, 1 .1 ¦! 3 and 10 In b 3 11 of liaron ut., r 14 e, Ann Arbor ÍJ0 L. L. ljoomls to Wm. A. Graham, part of 1 2, Coniidon's lst ftdd. to Chelsea... 1,475 Mlunlt' K. Kolicrts to Bwmb A. l.ullm, lot on Perrln st., C of Ypsllaut! 800 Tbo'a Plnob to Samuel Klnch, ne 4 of kiv '_4 f sec 30. Also a plece ounttuuIuk 4 A. In samu sectlon, 'f ol Aui u si 11. 2,000 Tlioituts Fiuch to Samuel Flucli, sanio ns abova 2,000 John B. Lswrenoe lo Marión K. Lwreuce, part of lol tib In 11. A. Larzlier's add to Ypsllantl 150 Jas, E. Lawrenee to Loltle J. EitobeD, Manie as almve 150 Ilias 11 Kruip! In Wm. 11. Kemplati Ol MM of ne yt ol sec 2ti, and that IHparl ol 8 ', of sw 14 or uw of sec 35, lylni? w o[ blghway 1,000 Kilimi K. Slllllh to Silvanas Ilowell. 0 A. froin k end of e J4 f se i of sw ví of koc 'tl aiul 00 A. froin s end w Hjof sw % of kit 35, and lliat part of e H of ne á HC 31, lylllK 11 of CblOagO lUnld, T 01 BrldKwater 7,200 Chas. W. vogel to Gottfrled (iruu, plece of land n 01 st reet on 11 slde of las. M fJoadOD'a :i.l k.M. to clml-ea 800 l'iani-is Itati-s to Krank staüuu, pleco of land In sic 12 T of Sylvan SOO