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r UjROYAL PStv'oï? POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thts powdernever varíes. A marvel of purlty, hii-ftmtii and wbolesomenvw. Moi nomical tlmn tin onllnaty cannot be sold Ín competltlon witli the multitinle oí low tesi , short welulit, hUimi or pbosphate powdera. Sotdonljrlnoana. KovhI iiakln" Powder 'o . 1OO Wiill st.. N. Y. ACHÍÍMSKiÑ Ears and Scalj) ('ovcrcd with Kczonialuns Scal)s and Sores (nied by Cnticnra. My l'ttle wn, aireil Richt yenr lia heen afllu-ted wiiü E . nu ur the ncalp, and a innc :i graal pornon of the body, ever ghice ha was lwo e irold, It i" L'-tiJ in hit eave.Hiid extended tohistcalp which !¦-. ioviTr.1 wlth acabo :itnt íiiicí, and from whu-h ii a ickv fl lid pound ont ranalay tnV itchin' and dtprrtaa, ai d laavlpg i'ic i air mattod aud llfeleaa. Poüerne h lbe-c acaba tho km wit raw lik" a pirre ul b ¦¦ xtei k Uradaali tlie hl r on' 1i,il iral tl.--tr.iyc i un'il .-i Bmall puih ni i.-ft at the back of the hrad. My f Ivndi lii Peabndy km bow nu boj h rafferrd. At Diitht he iroald tcratcb hi head nn 1 h s piilow vai corered in blood. i naed to rt u lnmd# bubnirt liim, and in niany way tricd to prevent bip scratitalni;; hut II wa- rn ima, hc .uild ecratcn. I trok him to the boapltal and lo the htvt phyiciain In Peabodv without inecem. A boot thw time, some f'iend- ho had bet'n cured by the uricuitA Kkmkuiks, prevailed apon me to try thcin, 1 begAD to usv them on th' lth "f J' uary lact. In ri-ve month evcry pnlela f ibe dtaeMfl removed. Niitaxpotor scah ramsloa on Malp to teil the ülory of hls 0fcriD(, Hls hnir ha returned, nd Ie tblck and ptrong. and hls ca'p a fwcit and clean as any chlld'e in the world. I can DOl uj enmii.'h to exprraa my ïiati for thll wonderfgl cure hy the Cuticoha RtmDll Uh uil simiHrly afirrted to know ihat my etatument is :rue and withcut Taceeration. ('II H1.KS MrKAY, Octo'ier fi, : Teabobv. Ma b. I have ff' n Mr. MrKflv't bov when hsiddlv affected with the Fcz-tni. [Ie was a plrilnl aütht tn louk at. I kn"v thiit hu hai tri' d our beat phy-ic ani. and did all a father could do fir a ci,il'-r:i]í; oliild hut availed nothir. I know that. the f-tatementB he hity made yon au nga'dathe coiins of liis boj by yonr ' ríiiUKA RtmoiM are truc in every partii u' rly. WI1.I.IAM McCARTlIY. ¦ Portar Btieat rSahudy, Man. I dn nnt know of an'inxianre in which the ('utiitlr-i !femedlei havo falled to produce s-tti fc'ory re-iulta. 1 I hfive aold m 're of ilicm than nf any nttte' kin remedie I Inv e r handled dtirn e the thirty-three yetirs of my experlence at drii!i i-t, A. D. TRYON, Batavia, N. Y. Sold evcry where Prlce : Cdticuba, 50 Centn; 'ri -ira dap, 25eta; Cdtióuika Kpwolvent, ?1.ÜÜ. Irepared_by PoTTtR Uki'd ani CbBBIOAL Co.. Boston. s.-,;,i lor "How to ure Kkin " Ktackhcad, Skin B:emishes, and 1 il'i Baby Ilnmors, om Cutlcura foap. A WORD ÁBOÜT CÁTÁREH. lt Ie the mucous raerabrane, that wondtrfiil eetBi-fluid envelope purroiindint; the delicate tinHM of the air and lood pasafjes, that Catarrh roakes Hm HtroiiL'hld. Once entablinhoil it cntn Into the very vitáis, and renders life hut a longdrawn breath of mie-ry and di-ease, dulliDp the cense of hearing, trnmrnellinL' the p ver of pe rh. destroyln the fdculty of cm !!, talntinj,' the breath and killing the refioed plfasuren of tante. Ineldiouly, by creepinL' on from a simple Coid In ihc hcad, il iPfanlt8 tho raembranoowi lining and en velops the honen, entina throuh the dclicitfi roatp MTid cHUsing irllammation, hlou 'hln? and dettth. Notliin short f total eridí catión will necur' ln-Hlth to ihe patlfTiT, and all allevia'en are nimply procraot'nated uffrinsr, leadini: to a fat il tennisHtion. Savupor's Hadicai, ( i'rk, by Inhalation and by Infernal adrainHlratl'i, han nevrr fa led ; even wh-n the diesne ha made frlhtTnl inOÉd on del cate cnntitutiont. hearins. mel and tante have teen recovered, nad the diseae thoroughly drlveri ont.1' Sandfoiíd's ElADICAIi Tkr conniatiof one botfitofthi Radical ivhk, one box of CaTARKIIAL Raso] INI', Hlld UIL' iMt'KOVKl) iNHALKli; prlce fl.'n. Po TKR l)Hi:i, AM ClIEMirALCO-, BOPtOIl. HOW IT ACHES. jpii Worn out wlih piin, but stlll compelled rW by i-terti nece#alty to ntnnd up io the A X work iis nd bear the pain. KeSA' lief In oiip iiiiimte in a ('utirnra lf Anti-Puin for the nchiiiL' FTTT r-ide and hack, the wrik and palnful miiwclen, the iore cbeat and harkfDg conph. and every pain ache of daily toil. Klagant, ne., "riuinal, peedy and inlallible. A t druifirinlH, -X-c ; nve for $1.ÜO, or poatage free, of Potter DtBg and C'nemlail c .. Boaton. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Main SI., Ann Arljor. The oldest agency In the city. EHtabllRhed over a ju;irter of acentury ao. KepreHenting tha followlng tlrst-claN ccmipanltM, witb over fUO,OOO,OOO iipitul and Af(NCt. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. 00., of New York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. GIKAKD INS. CO., of Phlladelphia. GRIENT INS. CO., of Hartford. ei IMMEBOIAL UNION, of Londoo. LIVERPOOL, LONUON and GLOBE. WASHINGTON FIRB and MARINE, of Boaton. Itutes Low as Uw Loweati Libcr11.I I Ailjiistcd and proinptly l'aiil. 0. ÍI. M1LI.KN. ij-.-r. JAMKN ;. Hr,AIK H ¦WLjiijR UHËAT lll!sTOIt 'JJ 1 Outsells nll otbei g5r J J.s. Wlaeof Vik.aaTBs "Wkoevei r i. EjaD tukrêit ujttno muiter wl.tlu-r . ¦jr""' h' Mr. lllauu'' rif tul "i - - "!. WWIkk jEttrl i''tV n rcr ]ntt if down m.til I VaHn i, i, :iys: " l cluaüe j ' - imU5k ;..oii ur s:il.-:r A'fi' A. mu :, .. - s, i ttlun I. ¦ -, t'" HALE'S HOhEY is the best Cough Cure, 28, SOc., tl GLENN'S SULPHUR SOAP haala and beautjfi, 26c. GERMÁN CORN REMOVER kills Coraa & Bunion 25c HILL'S HAIR II WH1SKER DYE- Black & Brown, 60c. PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS cure in 1 Minuie, 25c DEAH'S RHEUMATIC P1LLS are a ure cure, 60a


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