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A New Munchausen

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wnen tne bc. l,ouis cxprcss froin Pittsburgh arrived at Wheeling Junction the othor day, an old woraan with nine assorted bundies and a baby came nboard. There was a vacant seat just opposite mine, and the woman appropriated it. A young man from Pittsburgh occupied the seat directly in front of tho one taken by the new arrival, and ho kindly assisted her to place in the hatrack such articles as that recoptacle would hold. This little attention evidently made tho woman think she had a claim on the young man, for she soon leaned forward and asked: "Goin' far?" "To Wheeling," replied the young man, craning his neck so as to face his interlocutor. "I'm goin' there, too. I'm from Siftin. Where might you be from?' "Left Pittsbiirgh this morning." "Ah! I used to know some folks there. Do you know the Dowlins?" "No, madam, I don't live there." "No, where'syour folks livin'?" "InTimbuctoo." There was a look on the young man's face that convïhced me he was not telling the truth, but the old lady did not suspect it, and pursued her inquirles: "Is that in Pennsylvany?" No, madam, it is in África." "Afrioa! Where the airean come fromP" "Yes, madam; I was a negro once." At this the old lady's ejes alniost started from her head witli astoniahment. as, gazing at the young nan'l blonde complexion, she ejaculated: "But you are white!" "That is very true. I was soaked n a mixture of hot water and coeoanut milk for three weeks when a mere infant, and all the color taken out." The old lady was speechless with astonishment, while the shameless wretch went on. "That's the way they serve all the Princes of the Timbuctoo royal faniily. You see my father is King of that country." "King!" exclaimed the old lady. "Yes, and I'm studying in this country to prepare myself to sueceed tiini on the throne." The old woman looked him steadily ïn flie eye for ;i minute, but the scanip never flinched. She then asked: "Ain't there cannibals in África?" "Yes, indeed," replied the youthful Munchausen. "Ever see any?" "See any? Why I'm one myself." And the wretch, distorting his features, assumed such a terrible look that the woman from Siflin instinctively drew back. "You needn't be frightened, madam," saiil he, assuming a milder look, "you are perfectly safe, we never eat any ono older than twenty-five, unless diven to it byfamine." "And hev you reely et a human bein'?" "Many a time. At my father's tablo two fat girls are roasted every day." "Oh my!" gasped the old woman. "And on Sundays we usually cook three or four babies besides, as a tpeoial delicaey." "Oh Lord save us!" ejaculated tho woman. "Yes," proceeded the Prince of Timbuctoo, "I am very fond of mast baby. Of course I can't get it often in this country, and that is the reason I always want to bite a piece out of every baby I see. I'm so hungry for a bite of baby now. Indeed I must have it." And he made a dive for the baby in the woman's arms, but she sprang from her seat and flewshrieking to the end of the car, while the Princo of Timbuctoo went into the smoking car to take a puff at a Wheeling stogy. -


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