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A Natural Mistake

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A Tii "list looking young man snt in one ot the cushioned chairs In tlie Michigan Exi'liiiiijtt' office yesterday pouring over a smull outline engraviliír full of Inti cacles and resembllnsf 8 uiiewliHt tlie ciits in buoka on medicine and suigeiy. lic-iilc 1) i ni sut a cillow yonth with a standing collar which protruded atiove tlie lobes of his ears and a pair of aoldrhnmetl eye glassea. They were evideutlv strungers, and he of the liiuh collar and eye-glagses regarded the slip of paper In li is neighbor's hand with u fnrtive interest wliich was at leDglh hrokeu by ilie other Uxikintf up and catchhig lus eye. The cfcllow youtli looketl :it his coinpanidii and remarked, laqnirimgly : "Adii Arbnr or Detroit? " The person iddnMMd looked puzzled, hesitated tor a moment, and then repooded, "Dttrolt," "First or seconrt year ? " The puzzled look deepened, and tin illy the reply cauie. "l've be-n here oUly ix montlis. " "Ah," nld the interlooutor, tuking on a patronizing tone. "You've not liad time to get very well up in utmtomv. Now, they say I am ibe best riemonstiator in our clnss - Aun Arbnr, you know, 8eond yr." AikI with this the spe ikcr reached out for the slip wliich the other ,-lill held in his haml. "Ah, I see,'' and the Ann Arbor m:in ailjnsted his glasses. "This is a section of a conglomemte gland Mllá the pancreas. It is - ah- traii8versely oblong, its Upper extremity beiii": broad while it lowei extremity ta[ers slightly. lts chaiacler is deterinined by these varion striaj npon its surfaci', wliich are undoubtedly the couises for v.irious blood-vcssels and nerves. Near the Center hcre you will nottcc MTeral ;anglin, aml farther down toward the lower extremity is - yes, there is, really - a duet which is undoubtedly the ductus communis chole-dochus.'' The face of the modest listener was picture of astonishment. "I guess you're nlMalcwi about that. It is merel)' a workin plan of " 'Oh, yes, yes, I understand," pursued thecleverdemonstratorof anatomy. "It's primary, or course. That's allright; we c;in supply its deficiency as we go alonjf. Now, this great long artery is evidently the larue artery of the pancreas, probably the pancrático ducodtmal, wliich comes trom the hepatic lyinu below but not 8 lown in this section. These little specks which you see dotted all over the section are modulated ather-omatous, probably mtilaiiotic. They are the result of some abnornml condition of the subject, and muy have been Induced by exetssive beer diinking wliile in Ufe." The modest young man, who had been si ting nervously on the edffe of h9 chair, ai this juncture ?prang (n his feet. 'It's no such thing ! The pankry what you c.ill it is a pictur.i of Bell Isle which ï cut out of uu evening paper. That big artery is no artery; it is tne loop canal, and them specks are trees? " The callow youth arose, bent a gteely glare througb his glasscs upon the young man, and c.ilinly stalked out.


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