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Tlio CIii'1-om Savlnea liank 'nas on de posit f 114.441! K They are talklag np a business boom a Dexter. Hopt they w i 1 1 leal ize It. Editor Smith and wife of the Mila Leader, have beeu visiting frien'ls In Ba City. The G. A. R girls nf Milau are very active in assisting the Q. A. IÍ. post of tha place. The Saline Presbvterians donated $8; to their pastor, Huv. Mr. Oa'dwell, re cently. The State Normal tehoo] asks for $98, 000 in appropriatiuus - and we hoiie 9he II get it. It is stated tliat the I.'ev. Mr. RoMnsoO pastor of the Salino J!vitist church, is t. remove therefiom soon. Isaac Taylor,(li(;d at th(rcsidence of hl son Thomas, two miles oorth of Chelsen ajied about 7(i year, of cáncer in the stomach. J. Hummel, of Dezter, and Miss Julia Weaver, ot Chelsea, were nnited in mar riage in thelattt-r place, on Jan. 5, hy Kev Conddlne. In oase lis 11 admlttcd to the national base bah lekffue, Geo. VV. Uurn ham, well tCDOWD liere, will be tlieclub maniiger. - Saliue Observer. The hardware storea of Geo. S. Sill and D. Quish of Dexter, liave been eonaollilated, and the new lirin wil! be Sill & Quish, ai Sill's old stand. Marquis Sill succeeds his father, houever, In Ihe bu-iiiess. Wood will be apt to be worth somethincf next winter as there is very liltle being gol rendy. The low priOMOl this winter aredlscouraglngto tbat industry.- N'orth Lake cor Clielsea Hentld. Vveshitll al! probably barn ooal, if Ibat's a tHit. Don't nar frtendl tliink an indueement migbt be made to Ihe .M. C. l{. R. lellowg aiul (pt them to come to tlii place uilli their Dexter cnl offt- -Stockbrtdge San. You can't ni'ist always, tooMtlmes, verv ui len, freqiicnilv teil what these railroads u ill do u 1 1 til yoü trv. Un Wednesday afternoon, Augustus Bun, son of Andrew Hun, li vinjr aboul twii miles roatb of town, in cndcavorlng lo draw the charge froni a breech loiilinjí -hoi (fun, Hccidt'iiiiiiiy dUokarged tiie contant throogb tito miucles of bis shoulder, lufllcting an ugly wnund, thatwlll require some time to hea!. - Cliels Herald. Last Saturday night our townsman, Frank H Evaits, staited for Southern polifonía, wherc be Intcnds to lócate peruiaiK-ailv and engajre a the rauch bus¦MR, hls fauiily Collowlng liini la early spring. Frank la wel I known to tlie peopie of tina vicioiiy, all of wlioin extend to liim thelr best wtahet for prosperity Ín llis llew home. Tlie Saline Obterver tellx of a couplc of lueky ;r: "Minuleand Effle Heeves, of East Milán, wblle rummairiiijr through the gariet on day last week, caine upou a pair of trousers vvhicli liad done service for tlieirsrrandf'atlier, Gabriel Reeves, and they went throagh the pockets. Theglrlg fonnd $wo iu gold and ¦ letter wrlttan by the giandfather just hefore liis death, in which he willed the moooy to them." There are wlthlll the 1 mits of tliis villaje Dumeruna párenla who sliould pay 8ime atlentni i to the whereabouU and doings of their boys. Nightly squads of boys roam the atreeta until a late liour, induiging in proianity, smoking, aud "all sorts of deviltrv." If paren tJ do not attend to tii is matter tlie authorities of the village should devise some mode of keeping such boys at their lioinesduriog eveuings. - Duiulee licporter. The South Lyon Pioket just as live see war as not with our nelhbor. JlMI lieai it: "Joliu Kei-ves, ¦ young man employed by Geo. Ktnnnoan on the Jobn's place preselited an order at Kellogur, üarlaml A Co's, store for $5 Tliursday, upon whtoli he received tlie money, S.ituiday it tm discovered that the oider was a forgery, but it was too late tlie wily John liad Sed to Canuda, where he is nowbaslting In tlie smiles of' that" Who lias as mucli patience as Job? The tnilkman. He drives up to the pite, rings bh bell and not until Uien does the lady of the house remeinber that slie wants mllk, and liunts about five minute for a bowl, and Uien five more for a niilk ticket. Ten minutes are gone, and the patiënt ni'.lkmaii awaits at the gate half frozen, and never makes a kick. - Hilan Journal. Why dou't nejuinpout, run in and dellver inilk, Uien, as the grocery boy doe. Or does he prefer to froeief The North Lake cor. of the Chelsea lier ald relates the followlng: "One dav last week Mr. Kaiser imd wife were on i luir way liimie fruin Ilowell with acow In the sleigh. Wlien about half wav between I'inckney ind Nortli Lake the sleigh upset wife, cow, and all in a heap. It was more thau Mr. K. could do to lift the load ('rom bis wite,and a man bappeningalong refused to help II lm. Aftur tome time anotlier c:une to their assistance and righted thintrs up. Mts. Kaiser was considerably injured" The drawlngof the itOOfl for tlie foundation of the new school-liouse is nearly conipleted. Tlie excavuting wilt begin ns soon is practicable in tlie spring, and tlie work pushed rapidly, as the contract spec ifies that the building must be completcd by üct. 1, 1887. The siib-contracts have been letto non-resident parties. whicli lias caused some aneatloeai amoag the laborara aDd inechanicsof thisvicinity.who fear that the workmen will all be imported. They tlunk as they have to pay for the building they sliouid derive sonie benefli rom its erection. In tliis they are perfectly correct, and froni what we can learn we are safe in awnrbtg them that ill conipetent mechanica and laborers, wllllng to work will huye an opportunity of putting In a summer's work. - Dexter Leader. The Dexter vlllagecouncil has been liaving a liigh old time over an eflfort on the part of some of its memben to make tlie saloons obey the state Uw. Fred Lathrop natlgned as villajre marshal and Mtrtln Van Buren waschosen in his place. President Uiiok had his vote cliallenged and withdrew t. Ou the refuta! of tha oouocil to proanente a Arm by the name f Morse ifc Hall, ngalngt tvhom evldence had been taken. ( 'oiineilinan L. VV. ISciggs made a pretty good speech, given in the Leader as followt: That " by this nction the Council etultlflea both themaelvM and their record; that they are recreant to their iluties. retponslbllitlea and ooiittttuents; to their oaths of office and to their pledfjes; that it la openly charged in this village that the mem belt of thii Council ¦uitaln sueli conueotlon and relation to the gnloons that DO netion adverse or inimical to thelr iBtereat OU be taken; and, not deatrlng to anderlle this charge, I hereby protest agalnat this et Ion, this (aln on the Council a treaeheroua, dis graceful and eowardly " The ChelMR Fair Society, kcuowo as the Western WMthteoaw and Bastera Jackson Atsodntlon has elected the folloWlOg for the yenr ! President Chus. H. Wines, ObStaM lst vlce-pres.- K. A. Nordmao, Lina. 2il vlcepres. - M. L, Kiiyinumi Orase Lakt Secretary-Oeo II. Mitrhell. Lima. Treasurer- Ueo. P. (lazier, Cbelsea Director one raar - Tbeodure stanton webster; John Clark, Lyodon; E A Cro. man. Graas Uike ; Tilomas s. Heurs. Ohelsea ; Jacob Laubengayer, LaOdl: ('midi e Dorr ttharon ; Win. Preemao, Manchester; MBtthew Seet?er, Saline. Directora, two Jacob Jedle, DexterJ. H. Hubbard, Waterloo , Homer H Boyd syivan ; Alfred Phelps, scio;Japob KiimÍil) Preedom; C L. Hall, Norve I, .las. M. Kress' Bridgairaler ; Lorsn Babcock, Clielsea Kor the past t-w montlis it lias been rumored aboul lown, umi larrouiidlnccountrv, tlü.t the T. & A A. tmck w(7tiia be taken np between Leiand and this place, and thal the road wouhi [,e abaadoDed. For the benefit of thoae ho have regard("I the rumor as being trtte, we wüh to -ay. Ve-tcnlay we recelyed a letter from II. C. Waldron of Lanalug in irhlcfa he Baya: " 1 Intve rrlewed Mr. &JkiV,ftnd he says Ihat the talk et their t ikinjr up tlieii traèk I 11 both ;iiiil Ihey have DO intcntioi) o so doïnjf, hut are last lettllng up their ilifacnltle wiih the I).. L & N. company ind wili Boon give Soatb Lyoo, peopie better train service than they had be[ore."' Mr. A-liley alsosays: "South Ly on is the nnly connecilOQ we have uitl the I)., L. & N. road, and we cannotafforü to loose it." - So. Lyon I'icket. Dr. Huston la liis report to the State Board of Health, as secretary, said o Ypsiliinti: "In precisely the camesanitary contiition as in my tirst report, live years ago." If the recoininendation of the Stuc Board, at that time, had been lis tened to, the compiaints that now are heard here and all over the state would notcry to heaven. lustend of pits of pol lutioii we would have diy privies. The lirst thing to do now. wiiter works or ik water works, is for the city Board of Health to coinpel the use of dry privies DO this and no city in Michigan is 8 well provided wlth the purest water water works ar no water wórkaj hikí lona so happy. The Commercial lifted up its volee O'i thi subject live years ag md two yeais ajro, and wil] tiot let up