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Real Estate Transfers

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rne ionowing list oí real estáte transn-rs re cord Jauuary 29 1887, Is reponed by Fmnoi A. Slattery, Washtenaw County Abstract Office, second floor. Farmers and Mechanica Bank, Aan Arbor : C. Vanblarkhnm lo E. Armbruster, 1 A. on sec 12, T of York Wm. J. Millard, ex'r, to Wm Bentless, s % of se ü sec 15, T of Manchester 2,000 J. M. Tlllapaugh to J. K. Tattle, w % of sw % sec 23 and sw 'Í of e y sec 27, exceptlOAon e side 400 Wm. Sprague to Thomas Sprasue, plece of land on sec 22, ï ol Augusta 1,150 Robert to John K. Campbell, sw ', of sec 4 and ue M of se !4 sec 5, T of Augusta. 11, II KI A. E. Kelsey. by helrs, to D. F. MoLaehlan, luts 1 and 2 b 1 nir 1 e V'. of Mooreville _ 1 Frank to Bridget Dolan, w H of se sectlou 30, T of Northfleld 2(0 John B. Atchlson to M. Staebler. A . off w slde of w K of ne ü sec 10, T of Salem tiugh Rose to J. Jacobus, lot 6 b 5, Ortnsby & Pages' add to Ann Arbor, 300 Anna A. Crandall to Chas. Crandall, ondlvlded % Interest In T of York 600 ChristlnaTucker to Jas. 1.. Uilbert, luis 1 and4 b 9 V of Chelsea 1,100 M. L. Wheelock to A. O. Wheelock, p of land ou sec 28, T ,of Saline 1,008 Wm. Cook to E. Levander, se (fr) of ne (fr) 54 sec 5, part of s y, of s U of uw (fr) )i sec 4, e % of nw i sec 4, t A off s and of nw (fr) xi of nw (fr) .sec 4, T of Northfleld... 3,000 Kobert E. Northard to Hydraullc I'reKS Co. of Mt. Ulllead, Ohln, Iota 14, I and nw'ly % of lot 13 in b 80 of V of Dexter. 210 F. Jacobus toS. & F.Wood, w 45 ft of lot 6 bh Ormsby A Page's add to Ann Arbor. 500 H. A. and K. A. .Smlth to Mack t Schrald, w % o( se % aud sw of ne !4 of sec 7 T of Salem 0,700 Mack Schmld to M. A. mui K. A. sim ït li, plece of land on e slde of l'mitlac st., Ann Arbor 4,000 Emanuel Manu to Mack & Schrald, same as above 1 C. A. Warner to A. A.Wood, w 4 of e X J4 seo 27, T of Lodl 2,00 Wra. Beuerle to Lewls Dettlery, pleoa of land on sec 22, ï of Kreedom 1,000 Kempf, Bacon & Co. to Lols Hacwn, e U Oflots5and6, b 12, K. CongdoD's ld ndd to Chelsea 000


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