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GRANO AJÍ SALE, Hamburg Embroideries, E...

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GRANO AJÍ SALE, Hamburg Embroideries, Edgings, Insertions, Torchorn Laces, Muslin Underwear, Corsets, and Infants wear at D. F. SCHAIRER'S Weshall go IntO no lengthy description here, but we wlll simply state that after two months of caroful preparation,wefeal abundantly able to meet and eclipse all competition,from whateverquarter directed, and that our schcdulo of prices for this sale has been adjusted, after much thought, on the Lowest Possible Limit in Prices Consistent with a Living Profit for First-class Coods ! Our assortment comprises thefinest, largest and most comprehensive Stock carefully solectcd new Nainsook, Jaconet, India Linen, Embroideries in Edgings, Insertions, Flouncings, Allovers, and Matched Sets ever shown in this City. Upon examination you will find at 5 cents better Styles and Widerthancan befound at I O cents. At 8 cents better than can be found at 12' cents. At 12 better than can be found at 2O cents. At 15 cents better than can be found at 25 cents. At 25 cents better than can be found at 4O cents. These are Popular Prices. Styles and Elegant, and every Piece New. Our Elegant Display of MUSLIN UNDERWEAR, Made from "Fruit of the Loom " Cotton and Lonsdale Cambric is the product of two of the most exacting manufacturers in New York and Brooklyn. Lot I, comprises Aprons, Corset Covers, Chemises, Drawers, Vests and Chiidren's Dresses at 25 cents. Lot 2, comprises Embroidery, Trimmed Drawer, Corset Covers, Chemises, Plain Skirts and Cowns, at 5O cents. Lot 3, comprises Torchorn Lace and Embroidery, and Trimmed Corset Covers, Drawers, Chemises, Skirts and Night Dresses. Your cholee for. 75 Cents. Lot 5, comprises extra fine and heavily Trimmed Drawers, Chemises, Skirts, Corset Covers and Night Cowns Your ChoiceSI.OO. This is a wonderful chance for the ladies. D. F. SCHAIRER.


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