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Croiip. rhooping cough, sore throat, sud...

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Croiip. rhooping cough, sore throat, sudden oolil, and the lung troubles peculiar to ehildren, are easily controlled by promptly admlnistering Ayrr's Clierry Pectoral. This reaiedy is afe to tako anü ecrtiiin in lts action. The Mormon cliurch complains its lobby at Washington is costing teo much, souie $250,000 heving already been expended. Ye?, bilt the president's message was silnt on the subject, was it not? l.-ist Saturday, Joseph Rabbit was discharged 011 a criminal complaiut, hm i'ln-r haviii{ paiü for the window lijflit broken by liim at Dexter, and Joseph was taken to the home of his relativos in Dexter township by Prosecuting Attorney Norris and Sheriiï Walsh. Joseph did not appear to üke his lioine very well, H he walked back to this city, anü o Monclay forenoon he threw a large stone tlirough one of the heavy pinte [1 LM windows on the west side of the lost-offlce. Of course he was immediately arrested and taken to jail - Just he wanted undoubted'y. This man Rabbit is certaiDly insane, and should be confined. His people are well-to-do and oiifiht to have him cared for at Pontiac. The plate glass in the post-offlce was insured, so that the owner, will not lose by the act, but Andrew DeForest, the agent who tnsured the plate glass, proposes to tin'l out whether or not there is any one responsible for this man running at large in the coinmunity, and the public miy rest assured that he wil] find out, too. Don't fail to sce Severence the famous Imlian beauty at the grand opera house.


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