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Lyceum No. 1 is boomlng. Boy stop playing billiards. The Omega will be issued from the Couiuek office. The EiirIisIi literature clas will soon conimence the study of Paradise Lost. Miss Seyler, No. 60 Fourth street will give a social to the senior class, Saturday Uittilt. Junior class social iu the ladies' übrary building, on Ilurou street, Friday eveniiiir next. For the past few weeks the work of the lyceum luis been advanclng remarkably. The society now lias i membership of ritteen, and all seem to be interested. The number of visitors increases each week, which lncre8egives evidence of growlng entertainment. Last Friday evening the ?potlon: "Resolved, That the electiva franchlie iboaM be extended to women," was debated; and tliis week, "-lieaolved, Tlüit the republican form of goveriiment isliable to prove a failure on account of unrestrained immlgratlon,'' will be argued. At the last meeting the following offlcers were elected: president, Ed warde; rioe-prealdent, Prayj secretary and troasurer, liird. There seems to be considerable dissatisfae.tion, and especially arnong the teachers, with the procedure of the school board in regard to the proposed addition to the histli Fchool. The thought of shutting eff the light from the north rooms by the new building is objected to as it is veryoftéD neeessary to light the gaslo those rooms durinc the day now. The stronz obji'Ction to the provisión for a Chemical laboratory acts forclbly against the welfare of the school, as most of the high schools throughout tbe state hare vrrv carefolly plannedchenilcal and physlcal laboratorie?, the tormer of whlch is neeessary for the proper study of the bcIiiicc, as tl experlenced by the present cIhs8 in cheniistry. Our echool ifl regarded as a leader in the TInlon, and It should keep up with the times f It would retain its positlon.


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