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ACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. Our Reduction Sale has been entirely satisfactory. How could it well be otherwise ? The Goods are here, the prices are down and a great many of you know it. As it is so easy to make big statements to trifle with the truth a little, we are not surprised that few doubt what they see in the papers You are doing exactly what we want you to do, bring our price list clipped from the pa pers and ask to see the goods If we can't show what we've advertised, you ought not to staya Good Cloaks were never sold so Low as at present. Astrachan Wraps that were selling the first of the Season: No. 9628, $32, Going at $23.50 774, 28, " 20.00 770, 25, " 18.00 2601, 23, " 16.00 1111, 20, " 14.00 730, 14, " 9.00 934, 12, " 8.50 422, 11, " 7.50 Cloth Wraps, that were : No. 352, $16, Are now $1200 8289, 20, " 15.00 2595, 18, " 13.00 16055, 16, " 12.00 Plush Wraps, that brought at the opening of the season : No. 426, $30, Selling for $21-00 688, 35, " 25.00 553, 25, " 18.00 Frieze Wraps, formerly : No. 4755, $33, Now Selling $24 428, 30, " " 22 618, 32, " " 23 625 20, " " 14 490, 22, " " 16 1128, 18, " " 13 Silk Circulars, that were : No. 73, $12, Are now $ 7.00 453, 20, " 14.00 456, 23, " 16.00 452, 15, " 11.50 We have in Stock 10 Russian Circulars that were selling the first ef the season at $10, $12, $15, and $18, now going at $6. (Your choice). BACH & ABEL. MUI FURNITUHC COMPANY AXX ARBOU, MICHIGAN. Manufacturera of ASH, CHSRRÏ, OAK, ANTIQÜE AND WALNUT BED ROOM SUITS. Salesroom at NO. 52, SOUTH MAIN St. 1336-1348. NOTICE NOTICE Is hereby glven that tlie underslgned has heen duiy appolnted and qualifled by the Probate Court of Cuyahoga Onunty, Oblo, as Trustee of the Kstate of Ciarles Winchester and W. R. Monroe, copartners, dolng business under the Umi name and styleof Monroe Bros. & Company.; Painesville, Lumber Compuny.; Halem I,umlier Company; AUlance Lumber Company : Clinton Luuiber Company; 1de, Frerichs & Company, and Ann Arbor Lumber Company. In place of W. B. Sanndere, Asstgnce, re¦tgnaú, In trust lor the benetlt of the crédito of naid lirm. All persous In debt lo sald estáte wil] make lmmedlate payment.and crrdltors will present thelr lmmedlate claims, duly autneni Iralrii to the underslgned for allowanee. Dated at Cleveland, Ohio, tuis 13th day of January, 1887. HARNKTT E. BULLOCK, Trustee. No. 161 séneca street. You will pay my Agent. A. F. Martin. BAKNEr E. BULLOCK. January 18, '87. GRAND OPERAlSUSÊ Friday, Eve. February 4th MISS HKLl POTTER! AMEEICA'S Crcatcst Reader and Impersonatcr Will glve oneof her unlque nnd varled Llterary recitals for the benefit of the RELIEF [FTTZLnTID OF WELCH POST, NO. 137, G. A. R. Miss Potter will be aaslsted by the University Glee Club! Tickets for ale nt Eugene B.Yale's In PostOfflot, Dean Uo'g, J. T. Jacobs & Co's, WlnanR 4 Staffbrd'B. H. Soule's office In the ünlversity, and by of the Post, Parquet and rircle, - 5O Cents Gallcry, 25 Cents ReRervod Reals may be seeured without extrmobargcal iil's Btand in the Post-offlce, 00 ana after Tucsday, Kebruary lst. iKKirsopen at 7 o'clock. C'urtaln rlses at 8 o'clock, local iliiu'. Estáte of Jolui ;. Hm is. S TAT1C O MICHIGAN, Coiinty oí WMfttenaw, HK. At a nesBion ol the Probuto Court for the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, od Monday, the Sist dav r Jannnry In the yer ono thouaand ljrhi hnndred and eijfhty-sevcii. Present, Willium D. Uarrimun, Judce of Probate. in the matter of the entate of John G. Davl, dcceaed. C mntock F. HU), the adminlptrator of said eetute comes Into cuurt and represent that he now urepared to reinier liie tlnal uccuunt aa bucIi iiiitniiiihtralor. Thcreupon it i ordorcd, that Tnesday, the flrat dny of March next, at ten o'clock In the forenoon be asslpued for the e.iamlniiiL' and allowinK of nuil account, and that ilie hiri at law of said deceaeod, and all other perrons Interentcd In ald cetate, are reqnlred to appetr at a sexBlon of sald court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cautie, if any there be, why th jiraer of the pctltloncr should not beallowed : And H li further ordered, that i"hI1 dmlnletrator glve notice to the persons Interen ted in 8id estat,ol the pondency of ald account. and the hearing thereof, by caiislns a copy of thls order to be publlahed io the Ann Arbor Vouritr, a ncwupaperprinted and clrcnlatlnK in Bald county, three succenBlve weekB prevlous to Baid day oí hearln?. A trne copy. WILLIAM D. riARRIMAN, Judge of Probate. WM. Cl. DOTY, Prolmle Register. Utt-IMO


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