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CREAAf DRPRICES ZJgS SPECIAL [ Q35 J I flAVORlNft OWDÉÍ . -rrís}J natural fruit S0clFÏÏA flavors MOST PERFECT MADE Preparad . ;„h strlet regard to Pnrltr, Stronfith, nd HeslthfulneBS. Dr. Price's Bakinp Powder cuntains no Anmionia,I,Inie,Alum or Phoaphates. Dr.Prlce' Extracta, Yaallla, Lemon, etc, flavor deliciousl;. MANY LAMP CHIMXEYS ARlí oilv-reU for sale representad as good as the lammis PEARL TOP III I' TIIEV ARE NOT! And like alt Counterfcits lack the Reinarkable i.asTIXí Qualltiea or THE (F.XII.E. ASK FOR THS PEARLTOP And Insist V"Ö3K TH IS rat.Oct. 30 , 1883. The PEARÍTtOP is .lituufarturod O.Lï .} OtO. fii, mC3LTH & CO., P1TTSBÜKGH, PA. STROH'S BOHEMIAN BEER. FOB FAMILY TJSE, HOTELS AID RESTAURANTS. EVERY BOTTLE IS WARRANTEO. TO BE HAD AT AU GU, Um NS DEALERS, Packed in Cases or Barrels to suit Purchasers. Bottled at the Brewery, DETROIT, - MICH. C.H.St. CLAIR&SONS MANUFACTURERS OF SÉdinUM FURNITÜRE. OPKRA HOUSE UlllltS AND "WIND-MILLS. Are dow prepared to manufacture School aii'l Chnrch Furnlture, and Opera House Chaira, Lavrn Settees, Cuín p Tables and the TRIUMPH WIND-MILL The;best and s mplest and most rellable Id use. Kepatrlng done on short notlce. AIsü dealers 1d PUMPS.'CYLIXDERS, PIPES, ETC. TANKS MADE TO OUDER. LADDERS, PEACH BOXES, BERRY CRATES, In faot, any artlcle made to order. NO. 33 N. FOURTH STREET, . z anx arbor, mich. FOR DYSPEPSÏI MENTAL AND PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION, NERVOUSNESS, WEAKENED.ENERCY, INDICESTION, ETC, ETC. nê tkwBnk ACID PHOSPHATE. A llquld preparatlon oí the phoephates nd phoepborlo acid. Recommended by I'nyhlcians. It mak es a dellclons drink. Invigoratlng and strengthenlng. , let (ree. FOR SALE BY ALL DEALERS. , Rumford Chemical Works, Prorldence, - Khode Isiand. ' tSr BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. REAL ESI AJE AND ' INSURANGE AGEN6Y. ' OP J. 0. A. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AND NOTARY PUBLIC Real Estáte sold or rented and renta j lected on reasonable term. ' None but old and flrst-claBn Insurance Companles represented- with lnsurauce capital of $10,000,000. Raten as low as any other Insurance company and loRses proniptfy pald. OBlce over Amerlcau Express office Main tl Street. inn Arbor. Mlcli. a - _ e '¦_ TT 'I "TT" TT I ¦-¦ li -¦r. KJ Jr X LI i-C. I'i. n tEOAN'S IMPERIAL TRUS8. b, Splral Spring, graded from 1 to Ö 8' pounds ín pressurf. y WORN DAY AND NIGHT, y by an lnfant a week old, oran JT adultmypara. .,, Ladle Trusses a perfectlon. _, Enclose stampa for testimoniáis r' of cures, etc. tl] EOAN IMPERIAL TRURS CX)., !l( Ann Akbok, Mich. I Si


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