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After DIphtherla. Diphtheria ia a terrible diseaíe.rcquiring the greatest meaical skill to effect a complete cure. Even when its power is broken, t cüni's to the patiënt with great persisteney, and often leaves the system poiooned and prostratei. Just here Hood's Sarsufmïlla does a vast amoiint of rood, expellini; iinpnrities from the blood, jrivIng t richness and vitality, while it renoval c and strengthens tlie system. Tlie mind of the thinker and studeiit is driven to admití though it be iw struck by nppiirent injustice, tliat thi inequality 11 tbc work of God. Make hII men equal to diiy, and (}xl hag creatcd them that they slmll be Uiiequa] to-morrow. - Antlio ny Trollope. DruiikcniK'HS, or I.iquor Ilubit, eau be Cured by Adininisterinfr Dr. Hálitos' Golden Speclflc It cin be frivrn n a cup of coffee or te witlionl knmvli.,11 ,,t the persan tak Ing t, effectiiijt a ipeeríy uid permanent cure, wbether the patiënt isa moderate drinker or an lUooholIc wreek. Tliousamls of (lninkiirils have been made températe men who liave taken tlie Golden Spicitic in Ilieir coffee without their knowledge, and to-duy believe they quit drinklDg or their own free will. No lmrmt'nl effucts result from its adminietratidii. l'iiivs yiiaranteed. Send for circular and fuli parttcalare. AddreM in coniidence Solden Bpeclflc ('o., 185 IWe st.. Clnclnnatl, Ohio.


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