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Hul NO FEE!! ( BsiiBLisHED un. i Merrill UNTIL BETTER ƒ DETROIT.MICH. ƒ Block, jctSTVi The Kogolar, Old-Established LJjMa PHTSICUIÍ & SIRGEOS I I8KILL AND 8UCCE8L YOUNGmen,middle-agedmen ttnd all persons who by their own acts of Impru! dence or Folly at any period of life have brouht upon themselves, the evil effccts followine closcly I upon the heels of transgression of the tftm of nature, should consult the ci-k-hrrited Dr. Clark at once. Kemember! Ñervo us dlseae(vith or without dreams) or debiUty and loss of nerve power treated scientifically by ncw methods with never fniling success. 49It maltes no difference wliat you have taken or who has failed to cure jou. Jt5Tlie terrible polaons of Syplillis nnd all bad blood and skin liHoae, completelv cradicated witnoutmercury, Kmember that bisoñe horrible dlsease, f neglected or imprnpcrly treattd, curses the present and coming gencrations 49-AU unnatural discharges cured promptly vuhout hindrance to business. No eJtperinnints. ïioth sexes consult conflfli-ntially. Age and rtpiTiriicc important. A written rnarantee of cure given in every case undertaki-n. jySuffererB from any chronic dlfieasewrite Hiütory and Symptoiii of your case - plainly. Cases soliclted which otlicrs have failed to cure. ïtSend two stamps for celebratod work on Chronic. Nervoun and Delicate Diseascs. You have an cxhaufitive symptomatoloy by which to study your own case. Consultation, personally or by letter, free. Consult the old Doctor. Thoüsnnds oured. Offlre.s and parlors private. You see no one but the Doctor. Refore confidinjr your case consult DU. CLAREE. A friendly letter or cali may save future suffcringand fihame and add golden years to life. Medicines Bent everywliere secure from exposure. Ilours, bto 8; Sundays, g to 12, Aildrci-i, F, D. CLARKE, M. 0. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. MIch C U R "BS" Coughs,Co!d3,As'h:a,Tic!(lingin the Throat, Vihccping Cough, Quinzy,Sor; V. Consumptien, BrcnohHtei and aü Pulmonary Oisaases. YOUNC'S iCoucHi DauTlita .Mirii. 1 t Hovall, Mn-h Aug. 15. Wíl.-j Ook X, IN74.-I I wa lUackadil a"W ImVH ini'il Ilr K. with a min J i A.ViiuiiK'x Ooagb cold and thrt'Ht-j t nnd IjUnir Syrup ened with luriKf mh for mora tliitn a fever while on tl t Bf y -0Hr.uis I had ocvlsit to Hudson, Í m J '-rii .n.H ;i rf meMich.. abuut n, ¦ dy for ('olds and month aso. Bol iCotiifhn. and mnch bo that 1} foiinditarellable was unablc t'i tlll Í B I BUdleln. 1 have an appolntinenci [JÊ useil hls Akuc to preach on' BK t and Liver Syrup account of my J in my family with erere oomblnc, II ¦ ¦ i tho best of socbut manHKed u Iwa. curliiK ray gethome.niHl im-J ¦¦ ! mother iwhono LÜnïgSv9ru „Tl,, Ui "T "' th "rt; In the houe. ui,d ! f-1 tturk of mycoudh left run ! _ Hi'v.t Krid A(niP. as soon as 1 f ¦¦ S :lfter tl111 Hecnnd raenced tnkin it. r wLM t-hill iimt fever. and I tind ' M H Mke pleusure nent relief whfn ! in recommendlng 1 am Rttacke.l ,, ¦ I the tbov ra by cough .r JJdlM lo uil who lunK complalin. - . -J ,, thp„, Rev. Kobt. Cope. Uev. s. b Kimmill. Sold by all druiiglsts. rrico. 25c., 50c. and I1.C0. Large bottle mi IM i raeMpt of prlce W. JOHNSTON & CO., Oetit, michicaii._ RINSEY & SVA OLT'S BAKERY. GROCERY, AND Flour and Feed Store. We kep oon-tantly 011 h ind, BREAD, CRACKERS, (AKKS, KTC., Por Wholesale and Retail r d We hll also keep "mly ol 8WLPT & DKUBKL'8 White Wheat Flour! Delhi l'iour, K Flour, ICut'k i lit-ai Flotir, ('om Jlt-itl, Peed, Ele, At Wholepa!'' :uid ItetiD. A Keuenl stock oí GROCERIES and PROVISIüNS Conetautly on hand, whieh wiil ht k.d on ae reaeormhle terme a at nn other houe n cit Cash paid for BUTTER, R;(; ai'd COUNTKY PRODUUB generally Goode d' livm-d to aoy uart of the city without extra charr". R1NSKY A SEA HOLT. NEW FÜraiBDl. While THK NKW YOKK WKKKLY THI HIJX K is tht most expensive publtcation ni its class in the United States, ncvcrtheless its pricc is now fixed at $t a ycar, che Serai-Wkly tt fa; in both cases an extra hopy with a dub of 10. The campaien jusi cJosed found the country in the trough of the pohtical wivm, The Kepublican managers have made the best struik they could against a state of raten] apathy In ¦ few States they have bacn lood bv the iuptring pre ence of a great leader, tpea bttf bave .m.i - ened almobt the only eothuslann anywhere shown. The resukof the catnpaign ia gratifyin ; its g-ains are an iospiration ; the Democratie losjes ¦ plalngilide to the popular dr ft. Krom this time fonvard the country will feel the lift of the advancing wave of iSSS. which, if we all do our duiy, wUI sweep out f rom Washington tlie inasqucratlers now in possession, Ihe foes of protection, equalily and patnotic vorerunent It is the duty of all earnest and expenenced workers to bend thcir energies toward uuitvd aad hearty work for iSSS. The party is to be Consolidated, cheered nd rallied To this work THE TKIBUNK p ledges its zcaious efforts. THK TKIIHM: offers for 18S7 several excellent premiums, includin The Tribune Book or Open Air Sports. A work compiled by THE TRIBUNE eapecMlT for the young: men of the United St tcs lt is a thoroufíh sutcinent of the statu of OpouAirathletic aniuscmcnts in America, witfi sucs. tions to beginners, the ruit s of e%-ery Importsnt t-ame, ttie records of noted contests and thé achievements of Americ;in Champions. The boo will contain about 150 illuslrations. Chaptera are providfil (in Archfry BaK-ball, with the r cord i.f wonderful playinK and the Ltagueand Association contcsts, ana Instructions how to curve ¦ b.i I ; l.awn Tennis, Court Tenn'S K. ot hall Cricket Racket, I-acrossc, Horsemaaabtp, CroM Country Hmtinsj YachtinK, with a discussion of Sloop and Culu r and instructions How to Design. Build und Sail a Boat; Howing, Canoeinjr. Piihiiu Trappuir Hunting with Shot-Kun aml Rifle Campin({-out Winter Sports, Bicycling, Amateur Photoraphy and a few minor sports. Arnon the writers who have contributed are William Blaiiiie iMaunce Thompson. Captain Jacob A. Auur, Cavalry instructor at West Point David Kirby, Thomas Clapham. General Geor. e W. Wingate. Professor George Goldie, Director of Atliktus of the New Yor a Alhletic Club; and a large number of private gentleman throughout the country have furnühed fact concernlng the wild ame and hunting sports ot their several locallties. No book of this character has ever been put into print In Americ.i. It is sufriciently elemental tobe a ' Hoy's üwn Book " and answer all the purposes of our manlv TOUth and yet wiil ulso meet the demands of adults. WUI be ready for dellvery December ist. Octavo, 500 pages. Ketail price, ?j 50. Terms, posia ,.e paid with Weekly, 1 year, $1.50. with Semi-we kly. i' yeiLT 3 5: wi'h Daily, $10 50. On y to be had in connection with yearly subscriptions to THE TRIBUNE. Also "Blunt'i Rifle Practice,'1 a bonk for every hunter. and National Guurdsman; a fine Waltlrim Watch; the I,ow-pnced Waterbury Watch: the two Unabridged Dictionariei; Woodi Medicine Hygiëne and Snruerv. lllustrated ; and Vouni;'s Concordance of the Bible. Sample copy, niving terms in full, sent free Order by postal card. A Club Agent winted wharerer ilicrc is none, THE TRIBUNE, New York. O The Hl KUS' Gl'IDK U IuuihI Sjit. and Blnr li, ch jrnr. 3fi n, K1,. 1 111., liuliik.iiilliuvir 3.5OO Uluatrntiona - u hole Picture .all.rj -. OIVBS IVholeiutle lrl. ¦ direct to consumera on all gooclji for personal or tfamlly uw, 'IVIU how to order, and givea exact cot of turjthlng yon use, rut, drink, vnr, or have hm wltli. Tnese I.N V M.l Itl.i: KIHiliS contain informatlon gleaned front the iiiHrkrt of the world. We wlll mail a copy FREE to addresa mpon rercipt of 10 eb, to Irfrny 1 expense of mailing. Ijrt ua hear frona , yon, Reapectfully, MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. 287 4c 22U Wabash Avcaue, Chicago, IU.


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