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George Osius, of Detroit, was In tbc city over Sunday. Mrs. Chamberlaln who lives cor. State and Ann sts., Ir quite Hl. Evart Scott expects to leave for the cast the latter part of thls week. Mrs. Heury Baxter, ot E. (Jatharine ft., is qprading a couple of weeks in Detroit. G. E. Waterman, formerly of this city, has oponed a photograph gallery at Ypsilanti. Miss Cora Wetmoreof Concord, returns home Saturday, accompanied by Mrs. J. S. Kicketts. A. F. Freeraan, of Manchester, was in the city on business Monday, even if it was slippery. J. Sprague was called to Adrián, V ilnesday to attend the funeral of bis sister, Mrs. Carpenter. Some of our young foks attended a dance at Thos. Finnel's house, in Superior last Friday evening. Wallace W. Bliss who is selllng ofi a jankrupt stock at Jackson, spent Sunday D the city with bis fannly. Miss Iva Gregg, of the post office force, ïas been on the fick list for the past few days, but is convalescing. Richard Flynn, the foreman on Evart Scott's farm, was called to Stratford, Ont., ast liondsy, by the death of hls mother. Hou. T. T. Lyon, of South Lyon, presdent of the state board of agriculture, was in the city yesterday, leaving thls norning for the east. Dewitt C. Fall and II. Woodward have gone to Mt. Clemens to batbe in the pellucid and perfunied waters of the mineral springs of tbat famous batbing resort. The South Lyon Excelsior perpetrates he tollowing: "Wben Sed Dean returns ;o Aun Arbor f rom Rushton you may sniiw that he has BenncU South Lyon :oo." Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Webster, of Owosbo, lama to the city Suturday evening. Mr. V. relurned Monday, but Mrs. Webster will reiuain at her fatlier's, C. Spoor's, for some time. Mra. N. E. Raudal], formerly of Ann Arbor, and the present postmistress of the House, accompauied the legislative p;irty to this city. tilie is now a resident of Detroit. Judge Cooley is giving Ann Arbor boys gooü positions in the Wabash offices iu Chicago, as he haslhere L. D. Taylor, F. S. Hubbard, "Cheed" Tuttle and Alexis Angelí. A very pleasant surprise and progressie eucber party combined, was enjoyed it tiie reshleuce ot John J. Walker, on laait Friday evening, bv a large numtreruf their neighbors and rriends. Wiusou W. Tremaine, left Sunday p. m. tor Aikansis City, Kansas, to take a po-ition in the drug store of Meivin Cumuiingi, who is hls brotlier-in-law. "Win'1 is mie of our popular young gentlemen, who has lived liere for the past tifteen yearí, and we believe be will grow up in tbat new country as tast as the country rowü - and perliaps a iitlle taster. He lias many wull wishers. Prof. E. Baur returned this week from Cinciniiali, whcre all of his brotbers and sisters, iu this country, niel with their oldMt brother, Tlieodore, tirst cashier of the ühio Valley National Bank. Twobrotliers canif from St. Louis, Mo., Louis, of Banr Mercantile Co., and Herman, of the lirin ot Baar & Kegel. The sister is Miss Clara liaur, tournier and directress of the Ciiicinnati conserv atory of music, tbrough her talent and noble Chiistian character, one of the most p'rouiinent ludies of Cincinnati, and liighly estuemed in classisal inu-ical circles. Two sisters A uguste and Lmiise live iu Oerinauy.