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¦ ISOaiU BIRKCTOKÏ. A. NS Akbok i'omm wiiüRY, No. IS raeets flrst r,, ., w. of each inonili. V. G Doty.E.O.; W. A. 'folclmrd, ReOofdw. WASaTBXAW ('II VITI'.K, No. , K A. M.- Menta Bril Monüay eacli moDlb. Isaac Haudy, H. P.; Z. liuiüi, s.nvtary. BUSINESS CARD8. lIKAI.K.i: IN CLOTiï CASKETS, METALIC nd OommoD Ooffliw. OalU attentd to Day or Ntght. Embitlmlng a spccialtv. stoierooinon E. Wnshm-lou Street. Kosulence Cor. Ltberty and KlflU. W. H. JACKSO, i3iE3:ii"iiTiiiüsiitrii. OITFICIC : Orer Bach & Abel's Dry Good Store. Ba trance next to National Bank. WILLIAH HERZ, llouso, Sig-n, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! I ff.Qtnlvg. liH'iii;, and l'alcimlnine, and work of evtjry dwcriúUoa dono in the Duet etyle. and warraoted to ({ivo xatisfaction. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St„ Anr, Arbor. W. W. & A C. XICIIOI, Rooms Over Aun Arbor Savings Bunk, Masonic Tempte Block. GAlSoi-VITALIZED AIR A'hirnistertMl for the painies extraction of M-wh STATE STREET Mú Uú EslaUisknt ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, DiabSIB: [fyouwant a neat Snit do not orderuutU you have fiec u JOSEPH BERRV, Meroliant Tuilor, Stilte streel. Ann Arbor, Midi You will fliul a very tlne Itne of Kiü;Itsti for DraM BulU, and ,¦ [.lhe Newexi Bhadeii aad Weave In teek BnlUnp and trowsonngs iu st ct and samples to orto vé you a ueal and perfect flt, and Clpthei m,Ie iu flrst-class order, at Lowest Living Prlces Culi and see for yourse'f. H-Y, Men.hantT.llor CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE! $29,000,000. Secnrity held for Hm pnnection of the polloy holdere. CHRIST1AN MACK Bepresentó the followlns flrBt-cla"K compante, of which one, the Etu. bae ülone paid $öi,ÜOO,OUO tire osee in Mlxty-ñve yoara: Etna, of Hartford # 9,192,644 Frankiin of Phlladelphla 3,1 18,713 Grermania, N. Y 2,700,729 Oerman American, N. Y 4,068,968 London AMDrnnce, Lonrton... 1.416,788 Michizan F. ,t M., Detroit... 287,608 N. Y. DÍderwriters, N. Y 2,596,679 National, Hartfonl 1,774,505 Phoenix, Urooklyn 3,759,036 Losses liberallv adjusted and uroraptly paid. Policies issued at the lowfltt ratcs of premium, lltdtf LÜMBBRI LT7MBBR! LÏÏMBER! It yon contémplate building, cali at FERDON Lnta Yard ! Corner Fourlh and Dc)ot Sts., and ;e our figures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture onr own Lumber and guarantee AERY LOW PRICES j-Give us a cali and we will make it to your interest, as our large and wcll jiraded stock fully ustains our asscrtion. Tclcphone Connections with Office. r. I. KEKCH Supt JAMES TOLIÏERT, Prop A, DcFOREST. Fire Insurance Plate G-lass Insurance, Steam Boiler INSURANCE! Lowest Kal es. Honorable Adjnstmcnts and Losse Promptly Paid. REAL ESTÁTE RENTS BraCIAIi ATTENT1ON OIVF.N TO (,'n I imn of Rknts and Maní ¦! Ri . i;.TAÏK INTKKK8TS TOR IlKSI DKNTH. KSTIKK BATISFACrriON TO OWNKIiH OUAHANTEED. A. DeFORKST. 1 If I UT m"n' "i')iipy than at anytlilngelse by tak 11 I II ln an aL't'licy for 'h-i bent tolling book ff III out. Bi'inncT nncriM-d L'iandly. None Tall. Terms free. IIallktt Book Co. l'orlland, Muine. PENNYROYAL WAFERS. tPreseription Of a phy8iclan who has had a lifo lon experience in truating foniale diseases. la used monthly with perfect sticcess by over JO.OOOladf.a. Pleasant, Rafe, effectuaL Ludies Bskyourdruggist ior Pennyroyal Wafcrs and take no substituto, or inclose postape for saled partfculara. Rofd by all dmirpriKts, $1 per box. Adiiress THEEÜKEKACHKJUCAIJCÜ..DXTU01I. Mica. S)K1 iu Auu Albur, Midi , l.v 1 .!.¦¦ rij ., i, c Huu IS0H-13H0 ASTHMA CURED CERMAN ASTHMA CURE Inntuntly rf!i..rwH the mi#t violent attack and ";- r. .., ,,i, rutiln 1 iep WAITINU tor UK. inw! by inhaUtlon. Iteaction iim" f1 ¦ dlr:t anf rrrtulil. und a cum 1 the ["olt in all curable omm. A ingl tnal rmnnoea th most aki-titiual. Prir., 6xj. and 1 00 of i,y Jr.iKK,iit. „r (,v maü Hampl Kree for opJtr. H.s HIKKMANN.HI. !'.! Ml.


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