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No Ephs Nor Cays

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As showing how completely our Engih languajrt1 is adaptad for sudden and unforescen emergencies w; print the (ollowing froaa the Rocky Moimtain Cyclone: "Wu bLÍO th! publication ov tlie Hoccaj Mountaiii Cyclone wiili tome pbew diphphlcultfea. Tlie type phouudcrs pliroin whoin we bouglit ouroutpliit phor tlii printlog opbpbloe phalled to supply iis with auy ephs (ir cay-, himI it wll lie I1iomi nr phlvfl wecx bepliore we can gul any. The iiiistii([iiu wus not fcmiiil Óul milil i ilav 'i two aií. Vc liavc ordered tíe mtíiltvg letter, mul, wili he to "i nlong without tlK'in till thcy come. Wr 'lon'1 li(iuií the loox oTtliis varicty ov spelllDg any bettef than orir rcmliM-s, bu ru Ubiques wlll happen In best regu luted pbamllles, and Iph the ph rid c aii'l xs iind vs liold out we ehall eèej (sound the i1 iiard) the Oyclone whlrHiiji aphter a pli isliinu till tbe lort arrive i laiiojoqm to us- lts a seiimis ipli phuir."


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