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Hon. David Davis' Idea Of Local Papers

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Every yeiirevery local paper gives f rom 500 to 5,000 free lines for tlie sole benelit of tliccoinmiiuity in which it Is looated. No otlier agency eau or will do this. The local t'ditorin proportion to hl means does more for his town than any oüwr ti-n tnen,(tTid In all fairness.niiiu witli m ¦ui, lie ought to be supported, UOt beoMlM you may happen to tllte li tin or udmirn bil writing, but because a local paper is the bMt investment acommunity enn inake. It may not be brilliant or orowded with great thoughta, bt liimndally It 11 BtW of a benefit to a coininuiiity than the preachcr or teiiclier. Understand lis, we do not mean moraliy nor Intellectoally, hut linanciiilly and yet OQ the moral queitlon yon will liml tlicí iiiajorily of tlie local papen are on the rlght ilde of tlie questiou. To-day thëedltöMof tooal pipen do the mostwork for tlie lead money f any ini'i' on orth. Snbfcrlbe for yonr local paper, not u ohwlty, bul is nlnveslmcitt.


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