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General Logan's Second Book

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General Logan at the time of his deatb had cniiiplfiiil his second book, " Ttie Volanteer Soldier of America," and lt was ready for the printer. 80 sooti ai it was generalij known that it was in existnice, publishers from all parta of the country wrote to Mrs. Logan makin? inquines and offers of contracta. Not a few rulled In person, and used the best influence to get the work into which it was understood that the dead nero liad put so iiHich thought, and strength, and affeetion. It was his last and best tribute to the one interest he loved most - the Tolnnteer sol.iiers. From Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago carne publishers urgingtheirspecial advantages and picad ing lor the opportunity to scll the book of the liour. Mrs. Logan eager and anxious to du the nest thing for the book's future, talked with herfriends aud decided to let lier kinsman, Dr. C. A. Logan, of Washington, take the matter in hand and con líder the offers of the various putilishers. Yesterday it transpired that an enterprising Chicago publisher had eecured the prize. and that he had given to Mrs. Loiiiii tbc same terins th:.t Mrs. Grant has witli the pablltbMl of General Grant's memolre, It has been generally understood that General Grant's publishers would be the succeísfiil cotnpetitorg, but Dr. Logan carne on to New York and met R. ö. Peale, of Chicago, with whom he closed a contract last nicht. Mr. Peale 1 of ilie lirm of K. S. Peale & Co., of Wabash avenue, and is the owner of the Home Libraiy Assoclation of that citj-, wd the publisher of the Liulies' World, Hued in Chicago and New York. He is a young man of pusli and Mgaolty and lis triumph over the best known publishers in the United States is a matter of songratulatlon to the Chicago public. Dr. Logan hesitated sometime before coming to u linal deciaioa, but signed with .Mr. Peale becaute of the fact thal ie conlrols the lirgest organlzation in the country and has a bu?iiu;s system unsurMMed in the subscription trade. Mrs. Logan favored liis offer in addition to tlier reasoua, because his house was a OhioftgO house, and she preferred the )ook sliould be publUbed there. Mr. Peale lolt for Chicago last niht to befin tlie work of prepuration on the pubication of tlns work, which is destined to llave a notable fatue. It is a history of nilitary edocatton in this country, which - exhaustiva and remurkable, and General Logan has reared his lasting monument In this efibrt tor tlie beloved voluntci:r soldier. The character of the book v i 11 ( o ruiend it to students hs well as to he tiener il public, and it will raise the mimfclM " tin. ililii l.l;.. . t nighcr plane where General Logan always insisted his pedestal should be. l'he work is to be illustrated in the full sense of that term, and it will contain inany plotorial reminisceiices of battleBelda. Mrs. Logan's interests are well cared for in the contract made by Dr. Lojan. Hhe receives two-thirds of the pmSts of the book, and will be fully protected in every respect. The publisher worked inainly tor the book mainly that it niight bu a OblCAjrO publication, and he feels assured that it will meet with a large sale iu the West. The manuscript gives every evidence of the most careful preparation, and it would scem that General Lostan must have had some knowlsdge of the fact that he was doing his last service for the soldiers when hc wrote this wondeful story of valor and loititude and heroism. Mr. Peale Is to be felicitated thathe hassecured the work over so uiany competitors, and that as the publisher of General Logan's book he is approved by the family. He will not needlessly hasten the publication of the work, which will be a volume of aboul 800 pages, but will have the illustrations made with care and present the work to the public i 11 the best style. Meaiiwhile agents will rapidly push the canvass in all parts of the country


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