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Real Estate Transfers

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The following list of real estáte transfers re eord February 1, 1S87, Is reported by Francls A. sluttery, Washteuaw Countr Abstract OrHce, secoud floor. Farmers and Mechantes Bank, Aun Arbur : A. O. Abbott to L. H. Mlller, pieoe of huid in sec; 22, Tof Augusta 20 A. l'liilllps to J. C. Harper, plece 10 x 5 rods on s slde ol Mouroe and Saline Hlghway, V of Milau 235 Wra. H. Ayers to Thos. Birkett. plece of land on secs SI umi 36, T of Webster _. 5,380 J. Klnnegau to Z. W. Asbley, undlvlded 2-r, of luw 1 aad 2 b 3, Anu Arbor 3,200 J. Ftnnegan to H. L. Ashley, undlvlded 3-5 of luis 1 uud 2 b 3, Aun Arbor 4,800 Chas. Itowe to ei. Roller, 2 A In sec 23 T of Hharon 250 Chas. H. Carwln to Mury bears, lot 2 sec .1, Hlsdou's add to Saline 60 Clms. Howell to J. Pacey, 8 % of lots 3 and 4 b 15, V of Dexter.. 1,000 Thos. siii'i'h'in to John Oilbert, lots '24 and 25, Hunter's add to Ypsllantl 1237.50 Wllson A Warner to Jacob Ferman, lot 6, Wllson A Warner's add to Milan ... 140 Jacob Ferman lo C. L. Fermau, lot 6 Wllsoa A Warner's add to Mllan 1,000 Wm. rteul ly to J. Q. Krjgllsh, 1 6-32 A lu sec '3, 1' of Manchester 50 J. O. Engllsh to Wm. Scully, 1 15-16 A In sec. 23, Tof Manchester 75 Frauklln to Mary E. Everett, 11)3 A lu sec 1 and 2, T of Sbaron 1 F. 11 Sweetland to (;helsea Hecreatlon r.n-i. AattoclaUou, , A In sec 11 T of ylvau. 1897.50 H. M. Qoodall to H. Cornwall, 46 A In sec 17, T of Ann Arbor 1,900 Thomas White to Klus W. Bobt, w % of w yt of nw sec 32 ; n of nw J-i of bw J4 sec SS ; 18 A In ie cor of w % of svr , sec 82, T of York 1 Mlchael to Johiiuna Qerry, w % of lot 1, Jarvls re-survey, C ol asilautl 1 S to Oeo. Nlssely, undlvlded i ol e li of se % sec 1 T of llrldgewater 1980.50 Ch;is. Kowe lo llyrou Kuhl, 20 A on e'"4 of se S4, sec 23, f of Sharon _.. 1,800 '. L. Murvin to8. A. Hogers, nndlvlded U of Mili properly in Hawsouville aad also vlllage lot 131 2,600 A. L. Feldcamp, by holrs, to L. Lindensi-iinildt. n r.i A. of w Hof uw hi ec U 1' of Saline 1 I.. Llndeschmldt to J. Feldcamp, 25 A on w % of nw ü seo 18 i' of Saline 1,500 U 8, l'orler to Jus. D. White, n %ol lol ia iindGl, Traver's add to Anu ArborZ 1.500 Wllson A Wariifirto W. H. Wlialey, lot g, Wllson A Wiirner's udd to Mllan 110 John üurton to J. B, Kinery, s % of sw 1 , il ne V sec l, T oí Augusta 500