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Jacob Deckert of Dexter has been granted a pension. The Chelsea Herald favors the prohibitory ameodment. Rev. Mr. BobinSOO douation at Saline recently, netteil $65. The Leader tliinks rhat Dexter's business outlook is iraproving. The Miliin Leader is five years old, and healthier thau ever befare. Rev. Dan R Shier, of Sharo:i received $00 on a dünution otber eveninjf. The tire insurunce asrenfs have been very bu-y at Chelsea latei y adjustinií losses. The Michigan poiiltiy farm of Saline, lias orders tor birds from all over the U. S. James McGuinness of Pinckney experts K Open a new dry gooda store in Diwter SOOT). TheDexter Literary and Scientific Assoclatloo has reorganized for mutual improvement. James McLaren, forinerly of Lima, died at his home in Manchester, Feb. 12th, Iged 77 years. Saline people are discussing the feasiaility of erecting a new villaje and town ïali eomblned. The Webster Fartnert Club had 166 membenin attendance upon the recent meeting at Elisha Cranson's. The picket sawer on the Feldkamp farm, Sharon, is doing a f?od deal of business it present. Lots of new fence, this nean.s. (Jhas. Comstock was tasen back to jail, voti'iiiay. Hd had become so ugly tbat is párente could not keep him at home, and his fatlier had him couveyed back to Ami Arbor. - Saline Obseryer. A petitiou is being cl reala ted and unaiimlnouíly signed asking that the York jortion of Milan Village be a separate tolllng precinct. We hope to tee this jndeavor successful. - Milan Leader. Rev. V. M. Campbell, of the M. E. churcli, was married at Kalamazoo last week. A grand reccption was jriven at the parsonage in the evening, after the arrival of the wedding party. - Chelsea Echo. Robins, snakes, spiders, bugs, andother evldenoM of spring reporled by varions ¦yersons througliout the county. Just wait till a Mtirch blizzard gets hold of these sooner spring sij?ns, and then see thi'in hunt tlieir holes. The Saline milis are sluit down on account of bijfb water. The Manchester roller milis are running right along, hiti water don't effect them. What we aic afrid of is that the water won't be hi;li enougli ïuxt summer. - Entorprise. The prospect tor the Dexter cut off to Mnson is very unfavorable, the Central company want the people aloujr the line to grade, lurnish the right of way and depot jrrounds and raise $200,000 as a bonus. The pcople think it too inueh. - Stockbridge Sun. A. F. Freeman, of Manchester, was in the city on business Mouday, even if it wns slippery. - Courier. Does OU r CO tem - porary intend to insinimte that our wortüy lawyer wasengaged In a slippery businc-? - Manchester Entorprise. Not much. Ue is not that kind of a man. The editor of the South Lyon Picket, says that Monday. Feh.21st, is St. Valentine'sday. Bro. Cliilson must have hci-n visiting, or may Ihmh sleeping a week, theretore he has forj-ottcn the riln day. - Pinckney QUpatCh, He probably wanted to deceive soine one . David Wooilward, wlio owns a large peach orohard In Brldffewaterj infoimsus that there t not nmcli fear of a heavy t'rccze now since the rains, and that the only tliiu;; that would be liable to injure the prospeets tor a peaoo erop would be a frost a'ter the bmls had started. - Manchester Enterni ím'. llfMCl [ . [Hl 1 l l' . A. W II imner, of Ypsilanti. of Bohemltn Oat laine, bas Rt lust been gathered in by the strong arm of the law, and the probabilities are thal be will be made to uffer tor gomo "t bis twindling uperatlons. He wn.s arrestad on oomplalnt of a farmer from Atlas lownahip, and has been helu for trial in the circuit crnirt, iu $1,000 buinU. - So. Lyou l'icktt. Mr. Goor;;e W. Burnliam, tonnerU of this village, bas been appuiiiti'd man ager of tlic [ndianapolla im-ic-ball club. whicb has been admltted to tlio National LeagiiB. Mr. Burnliani has wrilti'ii to a l'ricml liero that if $100 can be raiscil bc will nrriiiigu tor a Leitgue yame bere, to be played sume time iu M iv. Adriim wants the gume, but Mr. Burnliani 'ct'ers to play in Mü;m, proviilinjr Ibe ram II rataev. Xow i.s JMilan's chauce to Bei'iii'c a li'ajruc irolcsiiiiial jaini'. - -Mihin Leader. Just a little premature in (hal annmincenient. A fíiiuul reunión of the teachers and scholars of the Dcxter unión school will be held ut the DcxIcm opera house, in tin village of Dexter, Mich., on tliu alrcrMoon of tbc 25tli ilay of Februaiy, A D. 1S87, just prevloui to the teuring down of the old school building. The eierclses will consi.-t oi mnslc, and rimsrka by the exteaohen and scholan, tojíether witli a htetorvottlie Hhooi diiriug tlie ociMpiincv of ibe present building. l!"liet.luueuts will lie served,conimt'nrinr al live o'clock. VUftors from abroad will bc furnislied wlth accommoilations by the citiens. 11. O. Gregory is dhalnMll 0Í eointnittee.