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AVCD'C Sugar Coated If the Llver Ql I comes torpid, if the I I l_ I- O bowels are constipated, or if the stomach fails to perform lts functions properly, use Ayer1 Pilis. They are iuvaluable. For some vears I was a victim to Liver Complaiut, lu consequence oí which I sutli'reil iroiu General Debility and Indigestión. A few boxes of Ayer's Pilla restored ne to perfect health. - A. ï. Brightney, Heiiderson, V. Va. For years I have relied more upon Ayur's i'ills than anything elsc, to Regúlate my bowels. These Pilis are mild n action. aml do tbelrwork thoroughly, I have useu thetn with good effect, in cases of Rheuiuatim, Kiilniv Troublc, and Dyspepsl. - U. F. Miller, Attleborough, Hass. Ayci's Pilla Oured nu of Stomach and Llver tronbte, from which I bud auffercd for yc:irs. 1 eonshler them the best pilla nade, and wouUl Dot be without them. - Morris Gates, Downsvillc, N. Y. I was attaeked wlth lülioua Fever, which was followed by .Taundioe, and was so dangerously ill tliat my friends despaiied of inv recovery. I cominenced takiiifr Ayci's l'ills, and soon rcalncd my cuatomaii atrengtb and vigor. - John C'. Pattlson, LoweU, Nebraska. Last iprlns I sutrered preatly from a troublesome humor on mv slde. In splte of every olt'ort to cnre thla eruption, it inerciised unlil the Uesh bccamc cntirely raw. 1 was Iroulilril. nt the sanie time, with [ixligeitlon, and distressing palus in The Bowels. Bj tbc advice of a friend I bepin taklns Ayer's l'ills. In a slunt time 1 wwftM from pata, my food digested properly, Uie sores on my body coiniiienced healin, and, in loss Imn one month, I was cured. - Samuel I). White, Atlanta, Ga. I have Ion? used Ayer's Pilis, in my fatntly, aiul believt tbem to be the beet pilla made. - S. C. Darden, Darden, My w i fe and little girl were taken with I-,iitci v a few days airo, and I at once tafean elving Uien smal] doses of Ayer's l'ills. thinking I would cali a doctor if the diuaM became any worte. In a short linie the blooily díschaiírcs stopped, all pain went away, and bealtta was restored. - Theodore Es'llng, Kichmond, Va. Ayer's Pilis, Prtparcd by Dr. J. C. Ayar & Co., Loweil, llw. huid by all Dealen la Medicina.


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