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The rapid increa9e of ocean cables since Cyn= W. Field's flrst venture of a c:ible connecting Englaud and America, is little realized by the people. And when ve come to read the story of how electricity connects the remotest points of theearth, the fact is almost incomprehensible to onr iiiíihK There are now eight cables between North America and Europe. They average three thousaml miles long, and In all the world there are soinething Iike one hundred thousand miles of submarine telgraph line. South America ia connected with Europe by i cable from Lisbon, Portugal, Pernambuco, Brazil, a distauco of :,.i3:i miutical miles. This is the longest cable. Two cables connect Florida with the island of Cuba, and one extends from Cuba to Aspinwall on the Istlnnus and another to Rio Janerio. From Trinidad, the most southerly of the West Indies, i cable follows the coast liueof Brazil clear down to Montevido, in Uruguay, touching at many porta. There are sixteen cables crossing tlie North Sea and the Straits of Dover. Two cables connect England and Portugal, and one calle connects England and Spain. Nearly a score of cables lie beneath the Mediterranean. One cable extends the entire length of the Red Sea from Suez to Aden, thence iinler tlie Arabian Sea to Bombay across India, undertbe Bay of Bengal to Penang and Singapore, across the Malay Península, thence north under the Guit' of Siam and China Sea to Ilong Kong and China. This is known as the Indo route in the East, and extends to Yokohama and Yeddo, Japan. A cabie under the sea of Japan connects Nagasaki with Vladivostok, one of the most remóte points of Siberian, Russii. From Singapore a cable touches Java and Sumatra and reaches Australia. Even the Island of Tasmania, lying Routh of Australia, Is connected with the rest of the world by cable, ind so is New Zealand. The great African cable, completed some years ago, extends from Aden, Arabia, to Natal, one of the extreme southern ports of África. 80, you see, the four corners of the earth have been brought pretty close together by the gieat cables which lie, some of them, nearly four miles beneath the surface of the ocean. The only thing now necessary to complete the electric circuit of the world is to lay a cable under the Pacific Ocean, and a project is 011 foot to connect Japan and San Francisco vla the Sandwich Islands. All good citlzens will hall with delight Senator Holbrook'sbill tosuppressgambling in stocks, bonds, grain, petroleum, etc. It Is in fact the direct Intent of the measure to wipe out of existence these gambling rooms known as bucket shops, which have fleeced so many of Michigan's citlzens the past few years, and caused so much sorrow and trouble in happy homes ; of our commuiiities. Good luck to the 1 bill. ________ Sen.itor Gorman has evidfinlly captured , the daily newspaper correspondents. (


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