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Eiutou CouRiKii :- Y ou publislied m Fobiiury Oth an Item credltlng the univeiBity hall witU (telngthfl flftb largestaudit oriuin on record. The Cyelopedia BrltUulea gives the list as f olio ws: Coltaeam, Rome, ST.fOO. 8t. Peters, Rome, 58,00 1. Tliealr oi l'ompey, Rome, 4IÍ.000. Cathedral of Mllan, 40,000. St. Paula, Home, :i-i,000. st. Pauls, London, 31,000. 8t. Petronla, Holagna, 36,000. Cathedral, Florence, 43,500. Calhedral, Aulwerp. 25 000. 81. Jolin'B Lateran, Rome, 21 000. St. Kophla, Coustaiitluople. MfluQ. Notre Dame, Paris, 21,000. Theatreof Mfirci'llUH, Rum, 20,000. Utthedral, PIhiv, 13,000. Ht KtephuDH, Viennii, 12,400. si. liiiniiilcki, BolOKiia, 12,000. st. Peters, Bologna, ll,ni. Cathedral, Vlenua, 11,000. Ollmore's Otirden, N. Y.. 8,443. Mormou Temple, Liike City, 8,000. Mt. MarkH, Venlce, 7,500. Spurgeon's Taljernacle, London, 6 OOT. Botshol Tlieatre, St. Petersburg, 5,00 '. Talmaee's Tabernacle, Brooklyn, 0,000. Muslc Hall, Clnolnnatl, 1.8M. l,n scala, Miliin, 4,000. Unlverslty Hall, Aun Arlwr, 3,500. Q [In piiunieruting tlie list t was not the inteution to put our hall In oompetiUon with the greut ainpillieaties of nncient liome, or with the (treat catliedrnls or churches of the worlil, bnt siinply a a hall for public gatherings. In thiit sense llic item was correct, as proven ly the


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