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Celebrated The best shoe yet for the Best American Calf, Button, Lace and Congress, all cut Seamless Hard wear in every pair. GOOOSPEED & SONS 17 South Main street. W. TREMAINITS FIRE AND LIFE iiuramjbjgbncy ! o. I Kast Hiiron Street, Opposite Cook House. Ten First-Class Companies represented. Assetts Over $25,000,000. T"nilTTn7 to CntthUoutandreI lU L V t"r" '" u9' an we wi" udyon I IV P I irce soraetliiiiK of ureat va lue Ml Uil 1 1 "nil importance to you, that will tart jon in buslne which wlll bring you In more money rig. t away than nnytlimi.' leeinthis worla. Anyone "can do the work and live at home. Kith.r Hl; all aces. Someihing new, tbatjnst coln mouey f,.r all workcrs. We wlll start you ; capital no' neederi. Thls lp ir ..I Ihe genuino, Important chances ol b 'ifcllme. TboM who are amhltlou and enterprieing wlll no; drlay. Andreas TkueA Co., A agilita. Maine. ¦ , ABNER MOORE'S TONSORIAL PARLOR, Next door to the Farmer's andMechanic's Bank. HAIR CUTTING, SIIAVING, SHAMPOONING AND DYEING. The b of Workmen nnd SatlsTactloD Uuaranteed. MINNESOTA. NORTH DAKOTA. ANTELOPE, MOUSE, AND RED RIVER VALLEYS, AND ¦ TURTLE MOUNTAIN DISTRICT Wlth 2Ü0 miles New Rallrond, Qood ttorkeU, Numcroiii Nw Towus (Inolodlag Etoeby, mi Important .Junrtlon. and Mlnot, División Headquaners, TWO MILLION ACRES ezaelleni Koveriiment lan.l. DIRECTLY ON THE LINE OF THE RAILROADaftord excellent opportuultlea for StOOKmen, Knrmcrs, Meehanics and Merchanta. ('ome carly and Investígate, or for fnrtlier partkulars wrlte to C. H. IHKKV G. P. A. 8t. P. M. & M Ky. St. Paul, tolnn. THE CREAT Germán RemedyJ Ia TBUTHS FORTHESICK.n Kor ,t.':itlil iljlill .. Ii:ilrl II nillmis Spellsdepeod fora rase wbere I] onSti.riuKlin-i'EKS i'iitR Iíittkks v.l III it will cure you. mt artplst or cure. lt E3 !- v..n xullVrwltli '"'"'r falls ¦thattlredandkUgone Clean the vltUwdB lllfeelniK; lf bo, use hlmul , v,,n bpiJII ¦sni.PHB Biitebs; iuh!,IT„rlt"eru',r1t I I II i t wlll eire „ throDgh the skinl I II Operativi'swhoare '" "Jplei Blot.-hes.l I JHolosely CODflDed i„ nml Sores. Koly onU Qthe milis ant Sl'1-I,"I'K "'TT'Q ¦sbop;olark(,wbodo ;""' haltQ wlll fol =ï Hl not procure snffledent __._l exeiclsp,andallwho 7" I larcconllnedlndoors, „.j] ,' ',,",'.'( . n 1 1 gnóuSbewanll 'twlUcuxeü Ilf vuu du wisli 1-rniit liirrKHsIIl to suiTcrfrom "ln ll"11'1 Y"" "P anll I atiero, uso a liottlc of m:lk' .Vl)u btrouyiuidl I srt.iEUK lilTTEKS i healthy. ltm.vorf.Mlsto.ur,-. s, .„ „ L..,.HI fi Dunt l,i' ithuut il "'Illinakc yourliloodrH ' Sliottle. Try It; you pure, rlc.h and srrong.tS 111 not r.'im't It. md your flesh hard. T lll iTTTmTrTmTrTr si i.rïïnntïTill lllnralth, who are all ruiss to-ntght, andlll [llrimiUiwn, slioul.l use you wlll itoen welll II Ui ' ' , I ' i U Do you want the bê3 Jledk-al Work pulillshed? FSciul S {ent stamp to A. I". Okuway A CoBoston, Waas., and recelve a eopy, free. lYT can livüat home,nnd makf1 more monoy ut I I III work for "" lnan at ""ythlnit i'lee In tbll I II IJ world. cinpital not nci'ded ; yon are " stirledfree. Botli uzea ; alian. Anv ¦necando the work. Lam mrulwra ure f rom I irst Htart. l'ns-ly outllt uu.! trie H, ttnr 101 di I .y. Cosía yo nuihine to send u your ad and lirri om ; if y.,u Hr win you wlll do eo t once. II. Halistt Co.. Portland, Malne. rELECRAPHY-r;, ¦ ruralhed. Wrilu Bm., Janonvillu. Wis.


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