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THE JUDGE'S CASH PUZZLE Ia behalf of TEE GAAST MONUMENT f!, Use Your Brains and Make Money. m, WÖHÊN, CBUDSEK, C7EE73CS7. TheJudgc proposes to assist the Ornnt Monument i und by organlzinj; a grand competltlon on word-bnllding (maklujf the largest number of Knglieh words irom a ffiven eentence by transposini; and nsing letters to snit the purpose), uslng lor the theme the eentence "Who 111 be oor next President ?" and off:ring Cah prlzes to snceeísful compeiltors, each t who wlli have to pay Kifty () cent on presentation of nis competitiva paper, l'hu money received will he applied as follows ¦ 1 wenty-five cent f at once credlted to the GrantFnnd. The remainine twenty-five cen'9, after dednctlng the liiritlmaíe expenses of advertleine ñames wlih their respective answerg, etc., etc., will be placed iuacommonfnnd to be equally divided among the the slx succeseful competiMrs, '. the six peraons semliuK In the larest lists of Enlish words (proper nniin incladud) made from the eentcnce ,'Who wlll be our next Preideai ' The magnitude of the prtze wlll depend on the amountoi muney received, or In other words on the number ol compelltore. Communtcati'jns open nnill FVhroary 15. 1887, lï o'clock. Thls Is not a new thlng. In England Urge sume of money have been raised for Oharlty by tol meihodand those who have participated and incidentally I elped a wortby oh)ct have won a pronas high as JlO.OiiO as a reward for mental aclirity. The names of comDeiitore will be publlsbed from week to week In Judge as they may come ttJ This will notonlyaerve ns an acknuvn?rti;eiii;nt of the receipt of the money, etc, but will also serve to show the weekly progress of the fiind. Governing rules in this week's Judgt. Addnrs "CRANT FUND," The Judg'e Publi.shing' Company, Potter Building. - -iv York City. The best History of the War that has ii' : 'i pearetJ. - Boston Traveller. t.WARTJk Tbe pintes of Harper'a Weekly during the War havlng been destroveU, HAHFER'S Pictorial History of tlie Retoellion Is the only means ofobtalnlng lts lnvaluable hlstorlcal lllustrutioiis. In two splemlul fi)lio volumes, same size page as the Weekty, and contalning l.Oüü of lts ftunoat War ploture;. Price for set. cari lage pald, in beveled cloth. $111.00; in Half Turkey Morocco, handfiome guilt stamp on sitie i ml raarhled etles fil. TO AVOIÜ DECKPTION, 8EE THAT BOOR8 BKAR HABPER'S NAME. Sold by sut)sorlption only. Send for tllustrated ciroiilar to McDONNELL BRO'S, 1S5 Dearborn St., Chlrao, 111. Of PriceUss valte for Pretertation.- lii ¦ston Advertiser. 17-iö. B JAMES (i. BLAÜVE'S ¦W GBEAT HiSTK ÊL Ontells all otherbooks. Hrm. mmm J ? wl8e"Va.. saya: " B?i. ¦KAPf tnkisit uinoinatttru-httttfrfir r. be Mr. Blaine't riiid vr nn, TvK. Jme "" nrrtrput U dom uittil U w n hns read the ichale." Hon. Allen Xt&, H. . Ihuniian. snys: "A classic Sa y inourjMylitv-alhtstory." .& SÍ Agenta wanted on ¦ inmisBi üon or solary. Address, THE superiority of Coralino over hom or whalebone has now beon demonstrated by over slx years experience. It is more durable, more pliable, more comfortable, and NEVER BREAKS. The immense sale of these Coreets lfl aow over 70OO daily. Beware of worthless lmltatlons boned svitb. various kinds of cord. None are genulne unless "Dr. Warner's Corallne"isprlnted on lnaideof the eteel cover. TOR 8ALE BY ALL LEADIBO MER0HANT8. tí AijNE BipSWST1'


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