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Golden Rule Lodge, F. & A. IL, works the 3d degree to-morrow evenlng. Some of the best drilling ever seen on our streets was given by Co. A yesterday. Battle Creek is trying to beat Arm Arbor out of her capsule factory, we are toid. The ladies of St. Thomas' Society netted the handsome sum of $881.76 by their recent fair. Sheriff Walsh bas appointed an old army comntde, Allen Hansom, of Mllan, as deputy sheritl'. February 23th is Longfellow's birthday, and will be observed by many schools throughout the state. Many of the ward schools decorated their rooms and had exercises appropriate to Washingtou's birthday last Monday. Tbere are severnl capitalists who stand ready to purchase the fair grounds in the event of a sale, lint there will be no sale. The "Last Dar of School," at the M. E. church, Monday evenlng next, Feb. 28. It will be a remarkably brilliant day that eyening. Do not f orget the Cocker League entertainment at the M. E. Church next Monday evening, Feb. 28. See programme for "Last Day of School." At the Unity Club meeting Monday evening, Harold B. Wilton will teil about " Mind Reading," and Prof. John Dcwey about " Mind Cure." There will be music aml.a social hi ur afterwards. Prof. Dickie as a membir of a committee is remindiiig liia fiiends all over the state, that a large amount of raoney will be needed to make the fight for prohibition, aud asks everybody interested to 8end heir pledges to him. A. DeForest says tliat to prevent linie gathering in the tea kettle keep au oyster shell therein, and you will never be botherered in the least. He has tried it four years and will make affi lavit tliereto. A shell will last many years. Try it. Conrad Schilling, a Oerman bout 50 years old, was trying to spear the trees in the court house lawn and doing other stranee things, Monday inorning, and was taken into custody and found to be insane. He will have a hearing before Judge Harriman to-day. Mayor and Ex-County Clerk lïoblson had a Washington's Birthday surprise yesterdny t)' tlie preaent of a ctr.iticate of admission to the bar trom Judge Joslyn. Anv man that will commence practicing at the bar it LftWjer Robison's age- but then its all right. There was a great crowd nt the masquerade given by Co. A at the rink last evening. Over 400 people were in masque and soiuething like 1,000 crowded theinselves into the room. The Company will net upwards of $200 by the affair. Tbe boys are in look, and deservedly so. Clark Cornwell, of Ypsilanti, sent to the county clerk last week an oath of otlice as nutitry jmblic with no signatureto tliejurat. Deputy Clerk Robison called him up by tektpbone, had him rai.-e bil right huuü, adtaiuislered the oath aud coiupleted the (iujiois. (íeat is the telephone. Uied at her bom la QllUdale, Mich., on Tuesday, Feb. 8th, after U illness of many months, Mrs. Maiv J. MeAllister wife of G. L. MeAllister in tbe 55th year of her ae. bhe was niarried at Dexter, Mich., to the husband who survives her, in 1851. and lor :i long time after, that villa-je was t heir liuim-. Jas. B. Willis and Jas. E. HarkiD have jointly iuveuted a liread tu.isler foi gasoline sinvr ih;it lookü like a capital good thing. The toaater i compoced ot awire cone in the centre of m líame on which there are placea lor four slices of bread. They have applied lor a patent and pro pose to put the inventionou the market. Ata meetina of the Washtenaw C unty Republican club, held last Weduesday afternoon, npou the adjournment of the county conveiition, a report ot the yeai's Urnrlr nroa tn-nl.. -,ti.l lliu f', il] iwimr ..t!i. nuiK was ui. nu , auu lih hih ihiuij mu cers chosen for the ensuiug year: President- I. E. Beal, Ann Arbor. Vlce-pres.- Ueo. H. Miuin-il. Lima. Secremry- Ueo. (J. Smyttie, Ypsiluitt. ï'reiwurcr- lroi. Aumih Ueorge, Vpsilantl . The monthly meeting of Washtenaw Pomological Kociety will occur on the 5tii of March, i. in., in the basement of the court house. Report of comuiittees on fruit laclory, on infusorial eartli, on best and cheapest fruit packages, on statistics. Prof! J. 15. Steere will leail in the discussion on various insects and iiisecttdMm. Rev. Kerr J5. Tapper of Grand Rapids will occnpy the Baptist pulpit on next Sunday both morning anii evening. Rev. Tupper is oue of the most attractive pulpit orators of the West, and will (¦II repay all who hear him. Rev. P. S. Henson, D. D., of the First Baptist church of Chicago will oocupy the same pulpit about three weeks later. All cordial ly iuvited. A ncw code oí signáis will be adopted March lt, by the wcaiher bureau, and Thos. J. Keech has already got them on hand. The telephone couipany, by-theway, in tnuumittlng the weather messages tree, and ratsing the signáis also each d;iy,doaffenerous act, for whlch they shoukl receive due credit. It is also statetl that If formen ulon the line of ruilroads will buy the ilags the railroad companies will display the snme for them on certain traiiis to be deslgnated. Ttie Cockcr Leaa:ue"s entertainment for next Monday eyenint', Fi-b. 28, 1887, will be an entertainment long to be remembered by all who atteiul. A giMiuine "Last Day of School," full of llfe, full of spice. everything to pleat.' and nothing to displease. As the exeroises will he bo good and tdmlMlon fee only 10 cents, it will be nices"(iry to ro early to secure a good seat. Do not forjret thl, of all Mtortain mentí fór (he jpear, f you wish to ipend h pleanant eveniag. " luw will allow forty saloons to Sonrteh In a sniall city liUe Ann Arbor isa flut failure."- Quoted. Iet, but my fnend, bow about a UW that will not only allow doublé the number to flourUh, but allow every m ui who cao raise enough mouey to buy a kog ot beer anil jug ol whisky the privilege of keeping a helihole? The evils we now Imve can be remedlcd, but get constituUonul prohibítion, and it will bc the ojd tule re-told. Aburned chlld dreads the flre, and Mlclii gan has been terriblv burned with prohibition. The Argus announces the candidacy of Hon. Densmore Cramer for circuit judge. Chas. Edwards, of thls city, had liis leg badly crushed by a falllng timber last Monday, while working at hls trade In Detroit. Tlie subscriptlon comraittee are meeting with success in the fruit canning factory project. Good. That Is a very desirable industry. Chas. N. Haines, one of Scio'9 old pioneers who had reslded in that township upwards of 35 years, died last Sunday, nged 65 years. The Ragnn lecture, upon "Paris, the Magniücent," to have been given last Friday eveniml, at Universlty Huil, Iihs been postponed until April 8th. The schools of Detroit took their Washington's Birthday last Friday, and eighteen of the teachers came to Ann Arbor and visited the school here. A nuraber also visited the schools at Ypsilanti. Wonder lf lt Is a means of Orace to a "charmlnKyonng lady from Ann Arbor" t. mensure the depth of the Shlawassee on a cold February dayT- Owosbo Times. It may be according to how Grace-fully she did the deed. To keep slop pails, whether painted or not, from rusting, keep a small piece of sheet zinc, about two inches square, either loose, or solderd fast. One who hus tried thls a long time vouches for the truth. There is to be an adjourned meeting of the Wasutenaw County Agrlcultural Society, held at the court house, on Thursday, March 3d, at 1 :30 o'clock, p. m. Every one interested la the welfare of the society is invited to be present. The annual meeting of the Ladies' Charitable Union will be held at the Ladies' Library Rooms, Thursday, March 3rd. at 3 p. m. lt is desireable that there be a full atttendance. The receipt of a box of shoes from Samuel Krause is thankfully acknowledged. Rev. Mr. Rexford, during his stay in Ann Arbor stated in a private conversation that he was decidedly adverse to the prohibitory amendment, being satisfled that it was not the best move for temperanoe people to make. He believed in taking a half loaf if it was impossible to obtain a whole one. Last Monday one of the boy pupils attending the lst ward school accideutally discharged a revolver he was carrying, and carne near hurting reme one. Th8 is a fast age, when boys not yet in their teens must protect themselves against barglan, highwaymen, and Iiuli.ins by carrying concealed weapons to school. Eider Davis received a letter from lus son "Lo," one day last week statinjt that they had seven inches of snow in San Francisco a few days previous, a thlng not known bef ore for several years. Kverything that could slide was utilized, for the snow Insted only a few hours. TIipv also liad ereat sDort snow-hallinff. The Schoolrnaster's Club held one of the most successful meetings since its orean ization at the University' last S;iturday. There were upwards of 100 teachers present, and papers were read by Prof. B. L. D'Ooge, of the state normal school; Prof. .W. A. Grisson, of Grand Rapiils; Prof. H. G. Sherrard, of Detroit; and Prof. II. X. Chute of Ann Arbor. The papers were followed by an interchange of thought. Dr. E. C. Rogen, a brother of Moses Rogers of this city, and also a brother of the sculptor, Randolph Rokers, of Rome, Italy, died at the home of his niece, Mrs. Shephard, In Quincy, Mich., Saturday last, aged 67 years. The funeral services were held Monday. Dr Rogers was quite well known in this city, having resided here for soine time after giving np his practico in Chicago. He was a oultiired gentleman, had traveled coosideralily, and possessed quite a fortune. A barn belonging to John Geo. Schairer located on the alley west of S. Main st , near Liberty st., was found to be on fire last Sundín eveninfr, and was practically destroyrd before being put out, and a barn adjoiuing belonging to Mrs. Andreas, was also burned soinewhat. The hose boys got around pretty quick, however, and preven ted what might have been a dlsastrous oonflagration. Two streams were thrown from hydrants near by, and one line of th! hose not having a nozzle on, threw a stream the size of a fatman'á arm, but it threw it high enough, and the volume of water drowned out every speek of tire wherever it went. The fire was accidental probably. Two horses in the barn were taken out safely. Loss about f200. This week we give to our readers the annual linancial report of the city as complled by the City Recorder. The showing Is not a bad one when the extraordinury expenset tliis council have been called upon to meet is considered. They liHVe pak) over $4,700.00 in water rates; $2,500 for the O'Neil property; $500 f or the Saengerfest; 150 Insurance on city hall; and about $500 for fire department 8iipplies, and yet the total expenditures exeeed those of the year previous by only $2,894 62. It will be noticed thtt 6everal of tlie funds are in much better condition than last year, especially the general fund, general Street, slxth ward, and others; the heaviest draft being made on the contingent fund. In reviewing the hUtory of the past year, the present council have much to congratúlate themselves over and little to regret." The givlng of $.5,000 to the M. C. R. II. Co. was by vote of the people, and not the work of the council, so tally one sin on the growlers themselves- they did it with their little ballots - and ahould kick themselves, not the council, if they desire to kick any one. The city has progressed and now ranks as one of the most enterprising in the state in the way of modern improvements and conveniencep, and with les average cosí to the tax-payer than any other municipality in Michigan. Furthermore it is conceded that Ann Arbor ia nmong the most orderly and best governed cities in the west, for its sic.