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CREAilfT IWRICES .jg SPECIAL AKlNg XñrR-_ -ríSJ : NATURAL FRUIT MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared trüh atrlct reirard to Pnrltv, Strongtb, and Healtbfnlni'SH. Dr PrffrB Prirtng Pmnliir fnntilmi noAnniiuniH.UTnf.AlumorPhosplmtpB.ür.Prloe'i Litracle, Vanllla, Lemim, ftc, ílavur deUciauuly. PWCBAKtWWOWDeRCOCwcACOiiDSrLouts. LampÉhimney ¦ ƒ ; SEETHATTHE A O ÍO ƒ EXAOT LABLE IS ON J j H ir ; ' EAOH CHIMNEY A3 S í Ï p I SHOWN IN PICTURE. '¦ t, S pvP Afv 30TH ¦ ! 6 fl 317 MANUFACTURED ONLY BY GED.A.MAEBETH&GO. TTSBURGH PaJ fí)R SALTBKEALERSyERY WHERE. CRStILAÍRISOI MANUFACTUKKHS OF SEolnilM FÜRN1TUI;E. opbra nm sí; cii.iikü AND WIND-MILL8. Are now prepared to manafartnre School autï ( tiurch Kurnlture, and Opera House Chftirs, Lawn Hettees, Caoip Tables umi the TRIUMPH WIND-MILL I'lic best and slmplest nml most rellable Ín ate. ttepuirln done on short uotlce. Also dealers In I'UMPS.'CVLIXDKRS, l'IPES, ETC. TANKS MADE TO ORDER. LADDERS, PBACH BOXES, BERRY CUATES, ín ífict, any artlcle made to order. NO. 33 N. FOURTH STREET, ANN ARBOR, MICII. FOR DYSPEPSÏI i MENTAL AND PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION, ' NERVOUSNESS, WEAKENED ENERCY, , INDICESTION, ETC., ETC. ' ir m tlorsfdráb ACID PHOSPHATE. A Uqntd preparation of the phosphates nd phosphorlc ckl. liieommended by PUybtclans. It mak.- a dellclous drink. B !¦# . fSr Invlgoratlng and strengthenlng. Pamphlet free. FOK SALE BY ALL DEALERS. Rumford Chemical Works, Proyldence, - - Rhode Isiand. 0TBEWA11E OF IMITATIONS. BEAL ES1A1E AND INSURANGE AGEN6Y. OP J. 0. A. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AND NOTAKY PUBLIC Real Kstiitii solil or rented and rents colleoted oti n-SLsnnuble terms. None but old and flrut-class Insnrance Companles represen ted-witli Insurance capital of $1O,XX),UO). Ratea as low as any other Insurance compuny aud lossen promptly pald. Office over American Express nfllce, Main treti. nn Arbor. Mlch. uur tu n. E!. tEOANH IMPERIAL THÜSS. Kplral Spring, KTOded froni 1 to ti pounds in pressure. WORX DA Y A'D MGHT, by an lnfant a week old, oran adult 80 yearu. Iridien Trusscs a perfectlon. EncloMHtumpK for testimoniáis oí cures, etc. EOAN IMPERIAL TRÜSS CO„ ANN ARBOK, MlCH. INSURANCE REAL ESTÁTE and LOAN AGKNCY OF A.W. HAMILTON Office, No. 2, Firnt Floor, Hnmllton Ulock . Parties deslrlng to buy or sell Real Estáte wlll tlnd lt to thelr advantage to cali on me. I represant lSflntt-class Flrc Insurance Corapaules, havlngun aggregate capital over 30,000,000. Rates Low. Loases llberally adjusled and promptly pald. I iilwi lssuu Life and lnvestmrnt Folíeles In i the New York Mutual Life Insurance pany, Assetts, Í.Vr,n0O. Persons deslrlng cldent Innnui('(', can lmvc yiarly pollcles i writteii forthem or'i'ravelcr's ('mipon IiiHurïioc Tlrkitv jssincl ui r,ow rates In the AccliN'iit 1 iisni ini-f ( om ptiïi' of Noriti A mírica. ' Moni'v io Loan ni Onrrant Kntrs. Office hourá (toa I n. ni. lo t in. and 2 to5p. m. ALKX. W. HAMILTON, HainilCon Block.


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