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Mñkm HO FEE ! ! 1 KTnusim is.-,i. ) Merrl UNTIL BETTER ƒ DETroit.MICH. ƒ Bloct ZSir The Begular, Old-Establúhed (L_U ,;]J PHYSICIAJÍ & SUKGEO USKILL AND 8UCCE8 YOUNGMEN.MIDDLE-AGEDMtf and all persons who by their own acts of Impru dence or Kolly at any period of life have brough upon themselves, the cvil cítccts followin dosel upon thc hecls of tran spression of the law oí nature, should consult tne celebrated Iïr.Clark at once. Bemember] Ñervo us diseaes(with o without dreams) or debility and loss of nervi power trcated scientincally by new me th ruis wiil never failing success. 40It malees no differencí whíit you have taken or who has failed to cure you ja-T'.ie terrible poisons of Syphll.s and al bad blood nnd skin diseanes, completclv cradi cated without mercury. Bemember that rl- om horrible dlsease, f ncglected or improperio trcated, curses the present and coming gencrationï Ü9AI1 unnatnral discharges cured promptl] Vithout hindrance to business, Sa experiments ïloth sexes consult conihli'iitlaHy. Aifi-iini experience Important . A wit ten cuam titer of cure glven in cvery case undertaken JSIï" Suffe re rs from any chronic dlnease writi History and Symptoms of your case - plainly. Cases solicïtcd which others have failed to cure. JfSend two stamps for clebrated works or Chronic, Nervous and Delicate Diseases. Yoi; have an exhaustivo symptomatology by whicli to study your own case. Consultation, personalia or hy letter, free. Consult the oíd Ioctor, Thousands cured. Oflires and parlors private. You sce no one but the Doctor. Jicforc confidinjr your case consult DU. CLARKK. A friendly letter or cali may save future suffcring and shame and add golden vears to life. ent eTerywhere secure from ex pos ure. Hours, Dto S; tsundays, 9 to 12. Addrcs, F. D. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. MIcK C U RES Goughs,Colds,Asthma,Tickling in the Throat, Whooping Cough, Quinzy,Sore Throat, Consumption, Bronchitis, and all Pulmonary Diseases. YOUNC'S [C O U G H J DanaTllle.Mich. ' #% Howail. Mlob Aub. 15, 1874. -{ Oct. 2H, OT4.- 1 I w atiHckiHl 1 ! have trled l)r. E. with a nevero i aVouük's Congh cold and I and Lunx Sjrup ened wlth Ihiik i _ _ for more than a fever whlle on o { WM yoar, au I bad ocTlult to iiinKiin. ! W I a remeMich.. about a dy for ColdB and niiinth atto. bo (Coueha, anrt mucb m tlint l! I foundltareliablo was unable tofll] p medicine. 1 havo an appolntment t [¦ uned hls AKue to preach on H and Llver Syrup account of my Inmy family wlth Bever coughlnK, t mm i the best of sucbut managed tü t ceHS. curlnsr my I-üny rCu'pThhad "" f, ""? "dintheh.mie. and i lMt tacks oí my cotitih Icft me ¦' I rever and Aftue, as soon as I f mM l af ter the second menced taklnti It, V Ê chili and fever. and I flnd f I take pleasure nent relief when I in recommendinx 1 am attacked , ¦ the Kbova remeby couRh or JJ dies to all who lunii complalnt. - „oed them. KBV. KOBT. COPE. KKV. S. B. KIUMÏLL. Sold by all dnigglsU. Prlce, 26c., 50c. and 11.00. Iirtio bottles sent free on recelpt of prlce # W. JOHNSTON &. CO., OETROIT, MICHICAN. RINSEY êL SEA OLT'S BAKERY. GROCERY, Flour and Fesd Store. We keep constantly on hand, ' BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, Por Wholesale and Retall Tr.ide. We shall also keep a enpply of SHIFT & DEÜBEL'8 BEST White Wheat Flour! Uelhi riour, Kye Flour, Kuckwlicat l'loiir, Corn OTt'iil. Fecd, Etc, At Wholeeale and Ketail. A geueral stock o( GROCERIES and PR07ISIÜNS CoDfltantly on band, which wil) be sold on ae reaeonable term nu at any other house in the clt . Cash paid for BUTTER, EGGS, and COUNTRY PRODÜC'B ifenerally. tioodn drlivured to any part of the city without extra charge. RINSEY& SEA BOLT. NEW YüRlBUNE While THK M'.M YOHK WBHtl TUI It l' frl is the most cxpensive publication its class in the United States, nevcrtheless lts pric is now fixed at $i a year, the Seml-Weekly at f a in both cases nn extra hopy with a club of 10. The campalijn jus[ closéd found the country i the trough of the politica] waru, The Kepubl can managers have made the bist struiitrle the could against a state of general apathy. In a fev States thcy have been aiilcd by the inspiring pres ence of agreat leader, whose Seeches have awak ened almost the only enthusiasm anywhere show The resullof the campaign ia gratifying; its gain are au inspiratinn J the Democratie Josses plain guide to the popular drift. Frnm this tim lorward the country will feel the lift of the advanc ing wave of iSSS, which, if we all do our duty, wil sweep out from Washington the masqueraders now in possession, the foea of protection. equality anc patnotic government. It is now the duty of al earnest and experienced workers to bend their ener gies toward umted and hearty Work for 1888. Ttn party Is to be Consolidated, cheered and rallied. To this work THK TRIBUNE pledgcs its zcalous crt'orts. THK THIBINE orlen for 1S87 scveral excellent premiums, includin The Tribune Book of Opon Air Sports. A work compiledbyTHE TRIBUNE, espcclally for the young men of the United Stite. It is a thorough statement of the present status of OpenAir athletic amusements in America, with suggestions to beginners, the rules of every important L':nne. the records of noted contests and the achievcments of American Champions. The book will contato about 150 UluBlraUoni, t'h.tpters are provided on Archery; Base-ball, with the rt-cord of wonderful playing and the League and Association contests, and Instructions how to cure a hall ; Lawn Tennis, Court Tennis. Foot buil. Cricket, Racket, I-acrosse, Horsemanship. Cross Country HuntingYachting, with a discussion of Sloop and Cutler and instructions How to Design, Build and Sail a Boat; Kowing, Canoeing. Fiyhing, Trupping, Hunting with Shot-gun and Rille, Camping-out Winter Sports, Bicycling, Amateur Photography and a few minor sports. Among the writers who have contributed are William UlaiHie, Maurice Thompson, Captain Jacob A. Augur, Cavalry instructor at West Point, David Kirby, Thomas Clapham. General Georse W. Wingate, Professor Georgc Goldie, Director of Athletics of the New Yorli Athletic Club; and a large nunibcr of private gentleman throughout the country have furnishcd facta concerniHg the wild gnme and hunting sports of thcir scveral localities. No book of this character has ever been put into print in America It is sufliciently elemenul to be a "Boy'a Own Book, and answer all the purposes of our manly youtl'i and yet will also meet the demands of adults. ili be ready for delivery December ist. Octavo, 500 pages. Retail price, $2 So. Terms, postage paid, with Weekly, 1 year, $.50. with Semiwe. kly 1 vear $350; with Daily, f .0 50. On y to be had m connectiou with yearly subscriptions to THK TRIBUNK. Also "Blunt's Rille Practicc," a book for every hunter. and National Guardsman ; a fine Walthim Watch; the Low-priced Waterbury Watch : the [wo Unabridged Dictionarles; Wood's Medicine Hygiëne and Surgery. Illustrated; and Youiiï's oncordance nf the Biblc. Sample copy. giving terms in full, sent free Jrder by postal card. A Club Agent wanted wherevcr there is none THE TRIBUNE, New York. O Tli. B17YKRS' . I 1 imï U luncd Srpt. and Harch, uh yrar. 0. ¦ 314 at, s . 1 1 r . lui lx s,llli d , r 3.5OO " luxlrut I..11M - a hole Picture .ull. t j . GIVKS Wnolraale Priora direct to consumir on all nood for personal or famlly nae. TrlU how to onltr, and gtvc exact colt of evrrythlng yon uk, eat, drink, vrar, or have fun lili. Tbiw INVALCABLB IMKS eontaln Information Kleanrd froni tne markrt of the world. Wi will muil a copy VllKK to any addreu mpon r. -. tp of 10 et, to ilifmy "lui of innllliiu. Let os hi ur fruui roo. Rmpectrolljr, MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. 827 & 22O Wiibiuth A v, mui-, Chlcafv, 111.


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