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WEATHERLY'S AATADDU REMEDY. MICHIGAN WA II AKKFI r: can bO Qured nmrp eastly from May to Oetober than at any other part of the, anti will les tune to do it. Tiiis t iv.Umriit is DM in a coiiiiinin MBM inniwit-r juuI i-thorOUgh d persistent 'nd eost hut little. Is not injunoiis. Send for our circulai n truublt'Miut flltatto jf vuur iruKtfiHtuii not have tt. m-ihí ftt ct-nts for a trial bot tío bv expresa. AddreM HAZELTINE & PERION8, DRUC CO., Sole Props., Cranü Rapids, Mich. 1807-1841 DIIDDEEIQ FARM ANNUAL for 1887 mfff ¦ ¦ J Will be sent FKKK to all who write for it. It is a -J IlfinclHoifir Itook of iH piiKCH, with hanSL4 Wm ¦ H BH H V dredh of illuRtratinnn. Thrco C'olorrd l'lnlc-, ¦ r ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦¦¦¦¦ r and telbnll about THE IEÊST (aarden Funii and Flower AffPMA Tlnllis, PlantH, Thnroiifftihred Stook and Fnncy Toultry. It T L Llll: deBcribes JtAKE N'O V I.lF( KS in VK F.TA III. KS and PIjOWKRM, E" [Ijl "f r-ul vnluo, which cannot be obUined elsewhpm. Send addnj on a " B J pontal for tüe uiohI rmnplete CatuUiKur published to W. ATLEE BURPEE & CO-, PHILADELPHIA, PA.


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