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Real Estate Transfers

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The followlng list of real estáte transfers record March 5, 1887, 1b reported by Krancls A. Slattery, Washtenaw Uounty Abstract Olflce, second Hoor, Farmers and Mechanica Bank, Aun Albur : B. F. Arksey to A. P. Ferguson, lots 2, 4. i, io, i -i Ormaby & l'age's add to Aun Albor, also part ui lot 5 b 4 n r ti e, Anu Arbor „ 3,000 N. Arksey to A.P. Fergusou, lot 1 and 8 b 4, Urmsby & Pages add Aun Arbor, 2,000 J. H.Conlln to Allee Dougan, 78 A. on ne l-i sec 44, 88 A. sec 18 T of Webs ter, 11,600 C. to K. P. Cornwell, undlvlded % o( slx parcela of land on seos 85 and 36 T of Ann Arbor 10,000 Julia Culver by helrs to A. Culver, 60 A on oec 13 T of Superior 3,600 Mary Urake by helrg to J. Drake, plece on sw 'i sec i5, t of Northfleld. 40 LewlHto JuIIun Drake, 7.41 A. on sec 25 T of Northfleld 40 Qeo. and Win. Walker, by helrs to J. J. W. E. Walker, plece of land In b 2 s r 1 e, Ann Arbor 300 Conrad Hedrlnijer, by helrs to J. Chas. Hediluger 100 A. on seo 33, T of Freedom 1,500 Conrad Hedrluger, by holr to O. Hedringer, 1U0 A. on sec SS, T oT Freedom, 1,5)0 E. D. and G. H. to Frederlck Marken 10 A. on sw % of sec 17, T of Ann Arbor, 1,000 J. Weliner to E. K. Weimer, lot 10 b 4, s r % w, May nard's add to Ann Arbor, 1 lianuah Humphrey to Aun Boules, e 'i ninit neo 28 ; w % of ue % 8ec '¦ ; plece on' e M of ue .seo 38 i' of 8afine ,000 M. A. Martin to F. L. Browu, 40 A. sec 34. ï of Augusta. _ 1,600 A. Elsele lo H. Zachman, part of lot 3 b 9 D r6 e, Ann Arbor 3,200 C. Hellmuth to 11. Laraway, 40 A. on seo S4, T of Salem 8,250 I Batrbrook to Frank UraUted, lots 1, 2 aud 3 and block A, Ksterbrook's add to Ypsllantl 4,300 A. Wllsim t I,. Schelv s, part of lot 11 and lï b W, V of Mancliesir 550 D. Hlackiniin and S. ( '. 1 luwklns w , of lot 4 and 2 roilH off s end of w H of lot 15 sec 10 V. of Saline _.. 700 Wm. Hm kr tn D. J. Ross, ', ui lot 1, b :i, n r li e, Ann Arbor 2,000 E. Mcl'hernou to 8. M. McCutcheon l(i rods on cor of Hatulltou aud EUls sts, Cof YpHilanll 2,000 H. Van Dazen to M. Van l' lots 504 and 505 Norrls' ul.l l Ypsllantl 1,000 Solou Parsons to U. P. White, lot 1, b 2 s r 6 e, Aun Arbor 8,000 Sarah Scott to S. M. Cutcheon, plece of land on s slde of Pearl st.. Ypsllantl... 1,200 O, s. Jewell to P. Iarvey, 50 A. ou nw U sec 10, T of Dexter 700 A. r. Ferguson to B. F. Arksey, part of lot 3 b r.i, also the avr % of lot 11 aud 12 b 16 V. of Dexter _ 2,000 J. to Howard Kverett, plece of land ou sw i sec 1, also se ',nlKit Beo '-', ue of me, sec 11, also pleno oí sw i of sw % sec J, nw i of nw '4 sec 11, ne of sw 'i sec '2, Plece of Ittud nw 't st-o 12 Tof liaron 1,170