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"let Us Do Evil That Good May Come."

"let Us Do Evil That Good May Come." image
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Rev. Dr. T. W. Bacon in a recent :u tile in the Forum has the following to MJ about Prohibitionlsta : I liüve for some time been settled in the conviclion thüt the best hoe that ftooá citizens may have of efl'ective legislación, and execution of luw, against the abuces of the liquor trafilo, must lie In their cut Ing loose-fmin any attempt at oo-openilon with theïc rule r ruin prohibiiion9ts, whose motto is " Let us do evil that ood may come." I have been a personal wilness of the case when the temperancï nen of a New Englund town were piqued y the loss of the no-license vote, and heir representatives on the board of seectmen at once proceeded to recommend after due inquiry and investig.ition, the DOtoriutil keepers of huuses of illfünip, and ol lier criminal?, as suitable and tit jersons to be licensed; and the temperince men and their leaders, and ministers f the gospel, looked on with serene comilaoeney, tinne of them with express and imlllng approval, while this unspeakable nfuiiv and horror piwfl. in spite of eveiy strule, throujfh itssuceessive stages ntodbNHtroM cüfect. "The town had voied license, and they wanted the town o get enough of it." And when I learned how oommon, in temperance politics, win this alüance between the highest prentloni of virtue and the basest vice and Mime, for the carrying of polltical end, it was a lesson to me to beware of prohibíion politicians. " O my soul, come not thou Into thcir oouncll ! "


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