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Real Estate Transfers

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The followlng list of real estáte transfers record Marcli 12, 1S87, Is reponed by Krancls A. Slaltery, wiiUWUV County Abstract Jiflce, secoiid Hoor, Farmers and Mechanica Bank, Ann Arbor : Allee Slockbower to L TrempereJof lol 2 b s r 11 e, Ann Arbor 1,000 J. 0. Krench lo S. Hlrtti, lot 3 b 2, Ferrls add. V of Chelsea. 75 Ardella V. Bramen to J. H. Smtth, I, ai Wllson & Waruer's add to Mllan 100 Geore to George B. Sherwood, 2 pleces of land In V. of Manchester 8U0 Strnon to John Weber, '200 A.on s. iind 10 A on seciSJ, T. of .Sylvau 7,20) Anna M. ('lurk lo Mury A. McMonaKle, Part of lot S. Smlth's ïd add to Ann Arbor „ 850 J. Piesley to N. Van Rlper. 51 A. on sec 21, and 4 A. on sec 16 Tof Webster 2,700 N.Vaii lllper to A.A. Buckelew, U7.79 A. on .sec 22, T. of Webster 7289.50 e. !: l,Uiner lo 8.C. Andrews, purt of lot 15, b 8 s r e, Ann Arbor 1,500 S. 0, Andrews to J. II. Warner, part of lot 15 b 8 s r 9 e, Ann Arbor 2000 Wm. Bacon to G. J. Helleman, l'iulivlded 4-7 of plece of land & of J. M. Congdon's 3d add to V. of Ohelsea a,000 P. s. Wuldron, by belrt, to K. S. 4 A. L. Tate, 120 A. on seo 3ö, T. of Manchester 7,000 H J. Near to H. F. Oiover, part of lot HOC of Ypsllnntl 8,000 CJhMi J. Howell, by exec'r, to A. Schtappacasse, part of lot 1 b 1 n r 3 e, Aun Arbor 3,100 E. Savaee to C. II. Kempf, part of se ü sec 3, T. ofSylvan 1 J. Clay to F. L. Ford, lot 31, Beniutt's aild to V. of Salum 50 J. Llndenschmtdt to Mury Nelthainuur lot 4 Jewett's add to Ann Arbor :)!" A. A. Buckelew lo J. H. Conlon, 80 A. on sec 23, and 37 A. on sec 10 ot Webster 9,000 A. K. Hall to J. (oodlug, 20 A. on sw % sec 1U, T. of Vork 1.100 F. Kruin rey to C. Haase, lot 1 b 2, Felcu's Add to Ann Arbor 900 10. l'. Manon to O. 1'. Renwlok, 80 A. on nw '4 sec 29 T. of Salem 3 000 K Schade to A. A C. Tculcl, lot KW, HonMr'l Add to Ypsllantt 735 11. I). Hnckelew to J. H. i'onlon, 80 A. on nw v4 of sec i T. of Webster 6,000 F. to G. 1' . Marken l A. Vil ol Hllue, sec 1, T. of Saline 700 H.C. to Chas. G. Wlard. 400 A. on secs 11 and 12, Tof Ypsllantl 3,400 L W.H. Morgan to J. O. Lutz, lot 10 b 5 8 r 3 w, Ann Arbor 10 F. H. to HeUey J Kllls, 100 A. on sec 8, T. of Ann Arbor 600 J. H. Conlon to Allee Dougnn, 78 A. on ne '.l sec 24, and 88 A. on sec 13, T of Webster _ 11,000 E. W. Perrlen to F. A. Graves 101.13 A. on seo), I'. of YpHllaiill 100 L N. & J. Grave lo K. A. Graves, 101. i;t on sec 28, T. of Ypsllantl 600