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Tlie next number of The Century 11 contain au editorial on "Lincoln and jOwell," wbtcb alludes to gome of the ribntei p&td lo Mr. Lincoln by some of be American wrttera, bat especlally to Hr. Lowcll'l rwnarkable record on this joint Joel Chandler Eforrll has oontributed 0 the next Damber of The (Jentnry liisory entttled "Llttle Compton," tb Kene fwhich Is laid in Qeorgl before, during, a'id at the close oi t tie war. It s, in fact, 1 mr slory trom tlie soiuhern polot of view, and is eharacteristically ïllustrated by A. B. Frost. Dr. WIHIam A. Hammond, than whom thcre is no belter RUthortty, will open the Apiil Popular Science Montlily with an ible artu-lo entitled "Brain-Forcinji in Childbood." The paper gives a vivid ;icture of the cvils of tlie hook-crammin(t Drocess, now so common in both public md prívale Khooll, and also contains a trouf; plea for fewer studies, more tlirect ontact with Nature, and ot the iu;erventiou of booKs. The Iluslratiois accorapinyin}? the unpublished latten of ThacUeray, in Scribner,8 Magazine, will be unique. There will be portraits, views of places mentioneil, etc. : hut the principal llu-trations uill be Tliackeray's own work. Many of he letters coutaiu sketches, whicli will be reproduced in ftoe-unlle and otheis of his diawiiiis, which are in the postesion of Mr . BrookflellI, to whom umsi of the letters weie written, will also be {Iven "Is the American Woman OverIressed? '' gives Mrs. Helen Campbell an excellent subject for a brihi and ut'll-written paper, and whifh is deservi'dly friveu the place of honor in the March Brooklyn Mirazine. Thousands it Womeii will iloubtless read Mrs. CanipbelPs article with keenest interest. "Quet-n Elizabeth and lier Suitors" iïnotber itossipy paper in which Mr. Edvard Bi Williams reviews tlie lovee of England's quecn. Dr. T. DeWitt Talmate telh liis ezperienoe in imokiog "My First Cigar," Hiiil Seatoo Donoho relates scviral itoriei In the third of his series of jiiper "Stories and Memories of Washington." Tbequalnt religiouacus (OOM adoptcd by the Tennessee moiiiitaineer are described by William Perry Brown, and Herbeit Hall Winslow tells an American story in '-Üld Man Dagrgs." Mis. llcnry Ward Biechei DiwOMM utb S.ivantüirl l'roblein," and Mr. Beecher closes this number of rich variety and interest with four of his feriiions, revised hy hinisflt'. The Brooklyn oertaiolygiVM its reader a ftreat deal for their subsci iption of $2 a year. The Brooklyn Magazine, 13U-13-J IVarl Street, New York.


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