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A GRkAT MISTAKE has lieretofore been made in the trealment of rheumatism, neuralgia, and norvous (jr sick lieadache. This is evidenceil by tlie failureon the part of thousamls of suftérers to find relief, even though they have exhausted the skill of varioiis phyaiciana and tried numerous so-called remedies. Tci such Athlophoros is oll'ered as &ná.quick cure. lts success luis beenphiB nomenal, and yet it is not surprising because i t W do all that is elalmed tor it. The Athlophoros Co. will gladly refer any who desire to make an invastigation lo reliable parties who have been cured by it. Mrs. D. C. Pipkett,Cclumbus,Wis.. says: "It 3 a little over a year agO siiu-e I WM so badly afflioted. f lie diaeaee wat in every nerve and muscle of bit body ; I w complet el j prostrated and helplea foï foiir weeks; I conld not bcartooe touched, M even the weight of afinger would canse the greatest pain, and I WM in constant dread of its getting intO the henrt, in I it bordered very close to it, and the doctor had vcry grave doubts as to niy gMting well. I 'had taken niany diilcrent kind of medicines, but was recommended to try Athlophoros, was p. .sitive it would help me. Oh, how sick it made me ind had it not been for the persistent eflbrts of niy husband I don't think I should havecontinued taking it; batheinsistedsostrongly that I kept on with it. In abont fivedai i 1 began to nnprove, and when 1 had fmishcd taking the botttle I was wcll. I onlv took a 8mall dose as the meilu inu was M8tri Hadioon, Wwcondn. Ihaveused Athlophoros for rheomatüm and I can cheerfully s;iv with the most satisfactory ri-snlts. GEO.W. HUKTLET, 86 l'inckncv Street. Every druggist should keep Athlophoros and Athlophoros 1'ilLs, but whert' thev cannot be bought of tlie ilruist the Atlilophoros Co., 112 Wall St.. New York. will send either (oarriage paidl on reoeipt of regular price, whick is $1.00 ]er hottle for Athlophoros and BOc. tor l'ills. For llver and kldney ditene, drapepsla, indigestión, weakness, nefTOHB débUlty, ilisoases or women, constipatinn, heodache, impure blood, iia, Athlophorc l'ills are miequaled. 7 SCROFULA I do not belieye that Ayer' SarsaparlllahM an equal as a remedy for Borofukwu Huniors. It is pleiiMint to take, ftve Btrength and vigor to Uit body, U immk0 !llul l'i'odiioos a mor nuniors, permanent, lortttur,sult than any medicine I ayer uied. - K. Haiiifs. No. Lindale.O. I h:wc used Aytr's Sarsaparilla.inmy faniiv. tor Scrofnla, :m.l kiiow, if it is taken Crucinplac falthfully, it will erisipelas, thoroughly eradloata this terrible disease. - V. F. Powter, M. D., (iroenville, Tenn. For foi-ty yean I baveiuffered with EryBlpelas. 1 have trled all sorts of remedh l PonUoi anri for my complaint, bul 1dllKCl, ttiiu (0Und no rellel until 1 commeuced uring Avei-'s Baraaparilla. Aftel takiii' ten botlies of tliis medicine I ani completely eured. - Mai v ( . Ami'sluuy, Bockportj Me. Catarrh. i nrfhnd, for w" ' years, trom Catarrh, whleb wm wo twt re that it dertroyed my appettta aod weakenea mysystcni. AftertivInir 'othcr remedies, ana 'ttiuü; no relief, I ie:;iii to take Ayeri Csn D6 Sarsaparllla, and, In a few monthSjWascured. fMiroH hu Susan L. Cook, B09 CUreU Uy V11.,I1T Bt Botton n ii rif vin n Hlghtandt, ïla. PU TM yin (J iyeri SMi:.pnrilla .i lij li superior to any blood tne DIOOQ purlfler that [ baw ... ever trled. I have With taken t for Scrofola, (anker, and Saltlihciiin. and reeelved muel benefit from it. it is good, atoo, for t wcak stomitch. - Milite Jant Petroe, South Bradford, Mass. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, rreprd ky Dt.J.C. Avci (o., Lowell.MaM. l'ricn SI ; lx l.o II l . "'.


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