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"hoist By Its Own Petard."

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The effort of the Free Press - copied by the Argus and Democrat- to use the case of Stephen Fairchild to make it ap" pear that the present administraron is the special friend and champion of dlsabled soldiere, is too thin even for spring poetry. It is an unhappy attempt for this locallty, and the Ar;us and Democrat might bettter have credited its paternity, errors and all, to the Free Press. No one here, where Fairchild is so well known, had thought of politics inconnection with the case of so worthy and deserving a claimant. All who knew hira, republicana and demócrata alike, were his friends, and only asked justice for hiin. It is an undoubtcd f:ict that his pension might have been increased to what it is now several years ago, but for his conscientious modesty in underating his own disability. It ü aho a f act that an applicatión during the present administration in which his helplessness and need of an attendaut were stated, wasrejected, though it is very probable that If the ex-democratic M. C, froui Lenawee, had intcrested himself as much in behalf of Fairehlkb' case, as bas Capt. Allen and the friends of "Steve" liere, the effort tnight have been successful before. When Fairchild was disabled in the service of li ia country, by a wound which has inade all his dnys dreary and painful, umi which will shorten his life, the F. P. was threatening a " Fire in the Rear! " And the pension laws enacted by a democratie congres, and under a democratie ulniinistration, before the rtpublican party carne into power, only nllowed him $8 a montht and made no provisión for more, even if he had lost both of his legs, or been on his back as now. The special grades above that, for such cases as Faircliild's, were made by a republican congress in 188U, and successively raiaed at various times sílice by unanlmous republlcan support in congress, and uuder republican sdmiuistrations. It is not stran that friends of the present ailministration and of the F. P, would like to divert attention from the attitude of the president and his organ in Michigan towards the veterans.


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