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The republican judicial convention for this circuit, wliieh met at üundee last Thursdav, placed in nominatioii, unanimously, Hou. E. D. Kinne, of tliis ci'y. In so doing the eonveution mude a wise choice. Mr. Kinne is one of our foremost lawyers, and aside from and above that, he U a man of pure life, uprtgbt char.icter, and excellent ubility. Mr. Kinne is oue of the class of men in wliom the people have confidcnce. He is honest and feai less, and possesses qualitfes that ptculiarly ik liiiu tor the judicial ITI1UI1C. The office of jutlfre is one tliat lias no business in politics - for it Is above politics - and we believe that the wellknown liberal views of Mr. Kinne will add greatly to his str ngth in the campaign. This much we can say without fear of dUpute, that Mr. Kinne is worthy the vote of any man in thfs district, be that muu repullican or democrat, prohibitionist or greenbacker, unión or labor. And although it would be almost a iniracle for a republieau candidate to be elected in the district, yet should such a thing happen this time, it would be a good tliing for the circuit. It might nol be out of place to add that the nominatioii bas sought the man, not he the nomin ition, in this instance. That it has been only throujjh the urgent salie itation of friends that Mr. Kinne hasconsented to accept the candidacy, and that his friends owe It to themselves to give him their best services on electlon day. When speakers ajid people try to present thU probibitory iirnemlmeiii quattloo as a choice between whisky and temperance tbey are putting t falsely. It Is a choice between mensure. Which ineasure best serves the temperanee cause, prohibition or taxation ? That is the qnestion and the Coi'kier honestly believes that taxation does, and points to past experience to substantiate ita position. Under prohibition our neighboring Tillare of Dexter had 23 saloons. Under the present tax law üexter has teven saloons. Under prohibition there was not a crossroads tavern - as hotels were then callad - but what had its bar-room and peddled the vile6t of villainous whisky. Under the present tax law there Isn't a country hotel in the county in whicli liquor of any kind is sold. Under prohibition Ann Arbor had over 80 saloons. Under the present tax law, notwithstanding the growth of the place, there are less than -10 places where liquor is sold in the city. Under prohibition there was no restriction, the doors were open all hours of any day or night. Under the tax law it is not 80. It is Raid a burned child dreads the fire, and Michigan has boen terribly burned by this same prohibition. For thlrty-seven years the constitution of this state haseontained no impediment to the passage of a prohibitory llquor law. The powersof the legislature under itand in that direction ure as ampie to-day as they will be next May In case that proposed prohibitory section should be added. But there is this differeuce- the people now have the choice of such policies as may be best to promote temporalice and restrain vice; but if that símil be adopted they will be helpless if its one raethod shall prove valuelesg or inefficiënt. Will the people voteto puttheir heads in abag and to fusten their hands with manacles? The democratie nominee for circuit judge in this circuit is Georye M. Lundon, the present probate judge of Monroe county. He is a gentleman of good abilities, andgood repute, haviug fonuerly graced the pulpit of a protestant church. He is said to entertain very pronounced opinionBiipon the great questioii now aitating the voters of Michigan, and will doubtless till the bench with credit if the people should pronounce in his favor. If there is a general full vote on the prohibltory amendment it will probably be defeated. But there is danger 11 too many who do not care especlally and will not vote, either way. Sucli positlon helps the probibitionists, been use tbey can only hope to carry it by a lirht vote being polled. Vote onc way or the otlier. It is now a crime tinder the statutes for a Kuhcmmn oat swindler to ply hls vcxtion in Michigan. Over which all good people rejoice. Gov. Luce has signed the mensure, and it takes immediate effect.


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