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Oiir neighboring city of Howell suffered...

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Oiir neighboring city of Howell suffered from a terrible conflajiration last Saturday night, almost one entire block n the lieart of the business part of the town being destroyed ; a total of 18 buildings out of 21 in the block being consuimcl. A rew:ml of $1,000 has been offered for the apprehenslon of the incendiarios who caused the flre, it is claiined. Snart at one end of Main street and walk to the other end, and on the way ask every m;in you meet lf he thinks prohibitlon wül- not can- be enforced if it is tdeptod. You will be thundurstriiekat the univirsl negativo opinión. Tlien why pass laws that are to be dead letters? The prohibitiou party was formeel for the avowed purpose of ha ving the prohibitory amendment submitted. It lg ruiiiiiiijr a ticket this tpring for the expre88 purpose of dcstroylnjr the republican party ! "Give us the offices, amendinent or no ameiidmeut," is now tlnir cry.


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