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ANN ARBOR Small Fruit Nursery ! All Kinds of BERRY PLANTS. Fine Planta of tbe SHARPLESS, The best strawberry (Jrown. FRUIT UI ORNAMENTAL TREES Krom ELLWANOERA BARKY, Rocht-M.-i N. Y. Orders niusi'ho snit early. WINES AND SYRUPS. Sweet Hame-rnade Wine for Invaltds ant the Kucltarist. Sour Winr, Etaapberry srup, öhrub Pear Hyrup, anl Plymouih Rook Bsgi EMIL BAUR, W. HURÓN ST. IMMf W. TREMAINE'S PIBK AND LIFE INMAN'CBJGIIMÏ ! No. 16 Kust Hu ron Street, Opposlte Cook House. Ten Flrst-Cluss Companies represented. Assotts Over $25,000,000. ifnïTTlTT to bemade. ('ut Ihls out and reI ll L V "lr" '" " aild Wl' wi" unendyou I IV P I fn-e, ¦omethlng of iwat va loe HJilA l "l Importauce to you, thai will (tiirl yon In bflstaeM which will Dring you In more money rlg t away tuati niiythins.' elsein Ihis worlfl. Anyone can do the work and ive at home. Bither tex ; all hito. t)omeihlog new. that jnst oolm mona) tor ui worktrs. w will start you ; capital no' nceucii. TM I? one of he eenuine, Important chances of a ''.relime. Those who are arnbltiou- and cnterpriping will nol delay. Addresa Tkue & Co., AilKuxU, Maine. CHAMPION GREAMERY. j_____!____ fcwartad riBIT J "Jf p k I' M I l' M over """ everythinKat the2r'ut VTSSnoTuaiPiiTCKAi'tavsl SI. I.oula Fulr, Oct-, L3 '1uBbotlSurf,.ce.nd M'J. -3o Iruw ofl" bkiininiiitf Bj PImI iittachmenta. "Draws Ij mllk or c ruara íl rat as ! J I TR KAM KB Y óf lts : i Jl R claasoii the market. One W" -'¦¦H wliere tlicre are no agente. Dn-is Swing ctiirn!. Eureka and Skinner Butter Workors. Nesbitt Uuttcr l-iintnrs, 4c, C. It.lIKY FMPI.F.MKXT i'O., Iicllowa FulU, Vt. Krm-snii: ti Florida. The Loulsvllleanl Nashville Rallroad will run ¦ serie of excursión to Praueola Jaoksonvllle and otlier points in Klomlu atibe rule of one llmlteU fare lor the round trip. These exeursloüe will leave ('Incinnatl oo Mareh M, 9th, liith. Ud aml .uth 18S7. Kxcurslou tickets will allow the privilege of stop jlug over at Mamuiotli Cave, Nashville Decatur, Blrmlnulnun. Uontgomery and other poinls, withln ten diiys from dnte ol sale iteturn tlckeU ttood tulrty ilays from date of sale, Bleeplngoar apaee Wil] üe reserved by antlressiiiK .1. A. Caasell, Tiokel Agent .s N H. R., i'lncliiiiaM. Kor furlher partlenrars address Herman Holim-s, T, 1' Ai , Medina, Jhlo, Geo. U. Horner, C. P. Agt , or 8 s l'arker, U. P. At;t., Cln.'lnnail. Por ttoketa iuJly to your nearest agent or to L. N. nirenta Clncinnatl. 40-43 tfimm MQRA'S CORSETS. ¦BMPJBV K' siiv thrj Kive bcttfr v2w?r'ÍTN' ' ' :1 "1"11 "' coreet }ki'? rLvl 'v ' v ' r' Kl '''¦ li ¦"Biakem ij7 ' ¦"-' "irn.n.l i.ini forUialrfli t Si jj . Bnapf. (iiniMit break over X' JT l'.iilK'iilitriy l)kl by AJt. XI LaJiemif lull llfuio. '1 ho ¦ ON. . -MTN. TOm" aml "AI.IIINK" T ha etlioI'A-.] M '1 liipi i fl.v. K. x' -r wWoh ooTer the open hmc t ----"Ti8?X ____a'i'ltii-"livt!lliípln!. W-l P' '¦ ' v ''' IK" t 'i jtr hl thO popular Rmo V J-' VABI.H STKIIü. lili-ll Jjp enn ho iiiatuntly taken V OUt, WiTII'HT flTTINa OB i .- KIPTOfn t ¦ I .:tili- ¦ JHH wm)ion ' ITh Wlil, Fr, ¦ i ' 8ainB offer, ii [,,,;.,,,-.. ((,,. juitijK. ¦ ,' ¦¦Wrr "'i.' hy 1,11 l.-ni ¦¦¦¦¦ i'.-i ! '¦ Sliuiufni-tir Madame Mor :'s Contour, I.. K ü I i. CO madame Mora's La Reine. Wrmlm I Madame Mora's Aldlne. ¦ f. FltiptH k iladamo Mora's Comfort Hii). 'i lj: ABNER MOORE'S TONSORIAL PARLOR, Next door to the Karniei'H and Mechanie's Bank [AIR CUTTING, SHAVINO, SHAMPOONING AND DTEING, The b of WofkBM and Satlsfactlon Uuaranteed. WAITTED BICYCLE AGENT. Ve want a Live Aent for Aun Arbor and vlcinlty to b il lli' -A. I= O JLm I_. O " nd otlu-r Staaar cycu-s Uberel Discount. Bend t..r our Catalogue. DKTHurr BIOYCLB OO.. 1 „ Na 344 Woodward Ave V sl:'''' Daisorr, Mie ¦' !¦¦ fi ( T Tl B'J ' Mane, bni ihou wk writ. t. vil II ". "U Information bout work whleb I I I ¦ lb7 c do. 4Dil llvetlioiiia,tlialilliy ¦- ¦ bem from tí lo (23 pr d7. Som h , ftrned OTr $50 la d7 Eilhar lex. young or olj. Capital I otrtqulrad You araitaned fre. ThoiK whoilan at oan ie abiolulel; uio ut iuu lltlla furluue. AU 1 utw.


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