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Celebrated SM 83003 M' HiL. Vii Si - z e' PW. i Hr n cc 1 The best shoe yet for the Best American Calf, Button, Lace and Congress, i all cut Hard wear in every pair. GOODSPEED 4 SONS 17 South Main street. MINNESOTA. NORTH DAKOTA. ANTELOPE, MOUSE, AND RED EJVER VALLEYS, TURTLE MOUNTAIN DISTRICT Wlth aw miles New Rallroail, Oood Markets, Numeroua New Towns (includtng Rugby, an Important Junetlon. and lilnot, División !leidiiiiriers, TWO MILLION ACRES excellent Kovernment land. DIRECTLY ON THE LINE OF THE RMLROAD ufford excellent opporluntUes tor Slookmen, Pannen, If eobanloi and Merchants. ('ome early and lnvesügtite, or for furtlier imrticulnrs write to O. II. IIIKIA. G. P. A. St. P. M. & il. Uy. St. Paul, toinn. THE ONLT TRÜE firlRON Btonic mH Wlllpurify the BLOOD rtnlip ¦ ¦¦ the LIVER and KIDNEYS and K JK Kehtokf the HEALTH ndVlGB Bk OR of YOUTH Dypepia,Want H K of Appetite. Indigestión. Lk of B btrength and Tired Felin nhEa eolutely cured: Bones, mun Bi . clea and nérvea receive new ¦k force. Enlirens the mind and sappties Bruin Power. a - ¦¦uff3rinK f rom coniplftintBpecu I AflICC liurtothpirM'xwilfliiidiiiDK UHUICÜ HARTEE'8 IRON TON IC o i safe, ftpeedy cure. Oives a einar, healthy complexion. All attmpts at countorfeiting only adds to ïtH popu larity. Do not experiment- get Original and Best (__ Dr. HARTER'S LIVER PILLS W Cure Conitlpation.Llver Complalnt and Stek ¦ Helche. Sample Dose and Dream Bookl malled on recelpt of two cents In postage. f THE DR. HARTER MEDICINE CO., ST. LOUIS, MO. Mi Pilis HllmnlatpN thr torpid liver. sin ni; 111t'ii(lifdli(vslivt-ri;uii. reteníales tho Ioh1i, umi ure uuc-uulcl s an ANTI-BIÜOUS MEDICINE. In malarlnl f1(slrlts thrlrvirtneMare V.illl ¦ llil cl ;n I I. , .ilSMAS ¦.¦- uliurpropirlit". in lr'oinKtlissloiii Iroill Ilinl loisoil. I hxallll) Nlluur COtttvd. IonviiiuII. I'riof, aScis. Sold Everywliere. Oflice, 44 Murrtiy St., Jiw York IQ THE CREAT Germán RemedyJ m TRUTHS FOR THE SICK.n Hl I' . i . ¦ . u i 1 1 ;. íl.lHlll ill In' l'.ii' 1 1 II HBlllousSpelladepena roracaaewbereSi i I lllonsii.i'iHTitiiirTERS i'Hi'K BlTTBBI " ' ' ' III UJit vill i-ure du. lot atstst or euro. lt] Cl ll.Mmi.i'.ir.Twl.i.1"1'-''1-'"I&attlredandaUgone cieane the vltlatedH 11 "'" ''""'.'""¦ ngthrough the kinl II '" Pimple, BlotebM, -dosely conflned In ;"'(1 I!l'lv "U I ? the milis and Sl '1','"'1,1 . Bm'Eits.M ¦tops;clerkt,whodo ;ln(1 "-'alth will fol S Hl ¦ procure anñctent '""' il ¦exercle,and Ulwho TTTTmTTTTmTÍÍ II 11 r v"u i.. Mish .J '1',1,1!" 1!l ' ' KltHI "III luill.l v,ni ii. :mcll I ati-ni. dm a bottle ol "l:lkl' "u sU'"ë U(J 81 I l lll B BlTTl Bfl ; t'-;ltl'II Itn.'v.M-fnllsl.u-im-. „,.,,.,„ ,t ,;,,,,,., IJ M Don't be without a rUlmakeyourbloodR ' I'1hnttU'. Trv it ; Ton pure, rlch and gtroiut.tia I t ill nut reyret it. itml lloli hard'. ITI l.:ulii'.s inTüïïïraT? 'l'rj M l.l-ll I i: l'.tl II hciilih, who u-e all nCBS to-nlght, an.lll rundowD.ihoulduae rau will sleep welllll Suu-iii-u lin-n.ns. and f. rl l.,tt,-r f,,rit III ' Do yun want the bed Uedlcal Wort pabHÏheaP Bend ;t -'cent Btamiw to A. 1'. (Ihiiwaï A COBoston, ïlasa., suj recvlre n cupy, fri'L'. .


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