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THE JUDGE'S CASH PUZZLE Id beualf of Til CEAST MONUMENT F!, Use Your Brains and Make Money. HEN, WONEN, CHILDREN, EVERYBODY. The Judge propose to asslst the Grant Monument Fund by organleing a grand competltion on word-bui Idini; (makinc the mrgest number of Buglish worde irom a fjlven entonce by transpoeing and usini letters to suit thH purpose), nelng lor the theme the sentencc 'Who will be our ne xt President?" and offerin? Cash prlzes to suceessful ("tiipi-iitors, each ot who wlll liave to pay Fifty (60) ceiiH on prem-ntation of hie competitive paper l'he money received will he ppUed as followB: Iwenty-nve centa ia at ouce credited to the Gram Fuud. The remamine twenty-five cente, after deducting the legitímate xpeMet of advertising name wl h tbeir respective answers, etc, etc, wlll be placed Ld a common fuud to be equally divided amoug the the six eucccssful conipetiton, '.., the six persons sendiug In the ItraeM list, of Bogllck word (proper nonos imhuiedi made from the sentence ,'Viio will bc onr neit Prmldenl f " The magnitude of tlie priie will dopend on the amotint 01 iminey raceiTed, or in othei woMk on tlie numkcr (il competltora. Commnnicatiuus open nolll FeDruary 15. 1887, 12 o'clock. 'lliis is nottnew ttilu. lu Eusland large turnt of money have bien ralsvd lor Charlty by thi method and those who hüve pariiclpated and incidentally ¦ eiped a worthy olyect have wona pilze as hili as SIM.UHO as a reword for mental actlvity. The nann-s of Gonpetltan will be publighed from week to werk In Jvéffë as they may come in. Tlns will not only serve 8 an acknowleilfrmn. nt of the receipt of the money, etc, hut w1!l al serv to show the weekly progrcs of the frtnd. Govtrnini; rules in wcek'e Judje. Aidri.e "CRANT FUND," The .liülire Publishiu Company, Potter Balldins. - Xew York tity. FLORAL GUIDE FOR 1887 K"w T'-. )y, cont lini nf Tllustrati uw, and nea ly 990 !¦ i dcnini; r Illustratedl I (he rLOWErs d tetables pr.. n, w LU) Whcrethe best PK E DS, I'LWTS. nn.I HÏ'I.Ii-i can b procurvd . vttta i fipM "!i'rrivi,, ojf pi oenu, end tbc 10 c mê maj I dutted from the first order win ulnitr wted in rdn i rood, fr. h stwta i)iuld have thil vork. We reter lo ihe müllons ho tauve used our .-!-. Bay only V quuters. JA.ULS U K, 8BEDMMAN, Kurht-U'i, N. Y THE euperlorlty of Coraline over hom or whalebone has now been demonstrated by over six years experience. It is more durable, moro pliablo, more comfortable, and NEVERBREAKS. The immense sale of these Coraets is now over 7OOO daily. Beware of worthless imltatlons boned with various kinds of oord. " None are geuulne uiiless "Dr. Warner'8 Coraline" is printed on insideof the steel cover. FOR BALE Bï ALL LEADING MEBCHANTS, 1HSS0LIT1OX OF PARTNERSHIP. rOTrCR U li.Ti-hy Kiv.-n that tlr' pui tnerH slilp latfly inbUllng between NIlM tt. WniHiis and Jamei M. stuiloul umler tinrlrni nama of Wlnani .v staflbrd wa dl¦olved liv inutual n,ns, nt on lh si'ventti daj ut Kriitiiiiiy, 1887, aii debta due t lb Mld partDenlUp and iln.s' due by tlioin wlll be suttled wiih and bj Jaruea M stutten) who wlll continue the bösl i " at tin' old ¦tand. N. II. WIN INS. .1 M. BTAFFORB Aiih Arbvi MeA., Ftbiiuii'! WA,


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