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nftug NO FEE I ! I BSTiBLisHEn mu. i Morrül UNTIL BETTER ƒ DETROIT.MICH Block. 33iv" The Regalar, Old-Established Lj J PHYSICIAIí & SURGEON 5JsX!LLAND 8UCCE88 YOUNG MEK, MIDDLE-ABED MEN and all persons who by theirown acts of Imprndenceor Folly at any pcriod of life have brouent upon themsclves, the cvil ctfccts fonowing closcly upon the heels of tran sijrcssion of the Inri of nature, should conult celehtatcd nr.ClarVe at once. Remeinberl Nervou diaeniteiir with or without dreams) or deblllty and loss of ñervo power treated scientifically by new methodi witli never failing success. &tlt makes no difference nhat you have taken or who has failed to cure you. 0T;ie terrible poluotis of Sjrphllis aml all bad blood and kln disonsen, complctelv cr.nlicated without mercury. Remenibor that thisone horrible riisease, if neglccted or impropcrljr ireated, curses the present and coming geiitr.itmiis 7-AI1 unnaturnl discharges cured promptly vmhout hintlrance to tmttncM. No experimunts. Both sexesconsult roiilldi-ntlnlly. Age and experience important. A wrltten gunrnntce of cure giren in every case undertaken. ey-Sufferers; from any chronicdlseasewrite History and Syinptoms of your case - platal. Cases solicited which others have failed to cure. JCf-Scnd two stamps for celebrated wort on Clironlc, Bíervou .inri Delicate Diseases. You have an exhaustivo syraptoinatology by which to study your own case. Consultaron, personally or by letter, free. Consult tlie oíd Ioctor. Thoúsands cured. Ónices and parlors private. You see no one but the Doctor. Hefore confidinir your case consult DK. ELAHKK. A friendly letter or cali may save future suffcring and shamc and add golden vears to life. Medicines sent evcrywhere secure from exposure. liours, Bto8 Sundays, 9 to 12. Addrcss, F, D. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. Mích CURES Coughs,Colds,Asthma,Tickling in the Throat, Whooping Cough, Quinzy, Sore Throat, Consumption, Bronchitis, and all Pulmonary Diseases. "y'oüñc's I iCoucHi .............. ,.... ...... .. nansTllle.Mkh. t Howell, Mich., Aun. lá, 18ÏJ. - ! { Oct. 2li. 1T4 - I I wai attacked i J have tricrt Dr. B. with a leverej m i A.Vounjr CouKb crld and J and Luntí Syrup enod with lunKl m m ! for more than a fever while on a WV i year. as 1 had ocvi-íit to IludBon. i ¦¦ a remeMirli, abmit ij ! dy for ('olds and month iik'o, sol gCouKhs, and rouch so that 1 rmind itarellable was unable to flll aja i medicine. 1 have an appoinlmetit t I ¦ i used his Agüe tu preach on i Bff I and Liver Syrup account of iny t Ï in my familr with severe soafhing, i ¦ ¦ ¦ the bent of sacbut manayi'd to j ees, curlug my gethome.and Im-S ¦¦ mother (whose medlately took % age wan over Vne "í fe W ! 3eTC rear.) of in the houie. and S," a'tarks oí myrnuiih i _. fever and A(tue, a soon as I V after the second nienced takiiiKit, I J chili and frv.-r and I flnd ' i 1 take pleasure nent relief when in reoommendlnc 1 am attacked l m the above r by couKh un ! dies to all who Mini complalnt. - - J neei thom. Kev. Uuiit. Cope. Rev. s. B. Kimmkll. Si, Id by all drtwgists. Prlce, 25c., 50c. and 11.00. I-arge botLles sent free on receipt of price ê W. JOHNSTON &CO., DETROIT, MICHICAN. RINSEY & SEABOLT'S BAKERY. GROCERÏ, AND Flour and Feed Store. We keep constantly on hand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC., For Whule8ale and Rctail Trade. Wb shall aleo keep a enpply of SWIFT & DEUBEL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! IelliiFlour, Kyc Flour, Buckwhcal Flour, Coni ITIt'al, Feed, E lo., At Wholecale and Kotail. A general stock of GROCERIES ani PROVISIÜNS ConBtantly on hand, which wlll be !ld on as reaeonahlo tjrmí as at any other hon-f in the cit . . Cah paid for BUTTEK, BGGS, and COUNTKY PRODUCE generally Goodí dvlirercd to any part of the ciiy withont extra charge. RIXSET & SEABOLT. Mortase Sale. DKFAULT liiniiiï been made In tlie condttlons of a certain Mortiíae (wliereliy tht' power Ihereln conininnl to Mil litu become operalivej ext'cuted by Jumes II. Hopkins. of IíVtuiíuí, Wrtshteitaw conuty. Miciii gau, to John Sargitiou, of llumlilla, l.ivuw8ton County, Mlehigtin, dated the flrst day of Deoembw, A. U. 187N, aad reoordad on the tlitii day ol Hay, A. l l7n m Ibe offloe of the Ueisterot Ilcrds lor saitl cuuiil.' 1 S'tsiilcnaw. Ín Líber flity-nnr ol mortgagnoa page onehundred and slxty thereol.wlilch mortage was on tlie lourteenth day of December, . U. 180duly asslgneJ by the said Jolm Sari;ison, morttsaee, to Siirah Saruison, of Unadilla. Llvinstoii county, Michigan and whloh nsslgnraeni was raeordad 1 1 nie offloe "í latd Keglsterof deedt, on tlie twilftli day of July. A. l). I8M, in Líber nlne of aastgnmenta oí niortaaes on page slxty-one thereof, añil which iiiortgage was afterward on tlu' eihlh day of July, A. D.18B6, dtily asslne.i bytlic saiii Sarall Siiriíison to Wilhain sargíson, oí Marión, l.n inusinn County, MichlKon, and which aaalsnmeiit whs reconied In the office of said H.-KiKttT of I)t-eils, on toe tw-lllh .1 ¦¦ of July, A. D. i8Si 1 ii Liber nlne of aislgnmetitsof inorti;a(íjs,iii p-iKt' sixty-two thereof; upon which rnortsajfto thsre li olalmed to be I ii at tbe lai' ol tlils noltea lh no ot three buDdred and tlve dolíais and forty-flve cent (1806.46), and no solt or proceedlntfs at law havlng been inst itutetl lo reoOTerthe ileht Dow pemalnlDg Moared by saii mor tcng ot any parí thfn'oi: Ñoiloaii thwafore naraby elven, that on l'hursday. the second day of June, A. 1). 1S87, at one o'clo.-k m tbe alternoou of HkM tuy. at the front door of the Coart House In theclty of Anu Arbor, In saiJ oouulyol Waah lana w, a bat bel ng tbe plaoa of holding the circuit coart wit hl n theooonty lu wliu-li the niortL'iigi-d premlaei to beaold au' aHaated), the said niortuuge wlU bc foreolosed iiy ai pobllo Teodae to tbe hthest hldder, of tbe premlse anatalned In said mortgage or so muoh tbereof a may be neceatarj to aatlaf; the amoonl due on sant niortKage witli Intereeta and U'ual oosle) t luit is lo ay : All that i-ertain and pleoe and fiaroel oí land sltuatedj in tiio lownship of jyodon, In the county of VVashteimw and State of Michigan known and deaorlbed aa followe. to-wit: The "at part ot the Noutheast fractional (iiiartrr ol aeotlon Damoer one (1) In townsinp niiinber one (1). nouiIi ol range nunibiT Hu and boDBded on the weM hv tlie oullet of Wind Lnke, and oontalnlDi toi tv acre of land more or leat, Uated March I, A. 1) 1887, II.I.1AM 8ARQI8ON, Asslguee of Mortguge. LtTXI S. MoNTAGUK, Allorney for Assignee of Mortgage. roiiinilssloiier' Jiotioo. STATB OF MICH IQ AN.Connty ol Washtenaw.s. Thu undurstKiH'd tmviuy been appointed by the l'robfit1 Court for (aid County. Coniinispioin-r to recerre, examhM and adjust il] claim; and demandn of al) inmiM !iuraiii!t the estaLe of Mary King, late of -aid countv, deceased. hereby give notlcc thatlx moDtb flrom date are aUowed, ly order of said I'robate Court, for crcdltorc to present tluir claims aainst the esi.ite of said deoeaaed) inl that ilny win meet at the oftlci: of Zlna P. KinR, in the city of Aun Arbor, in said county. on Tu'day, the 7th day of June, and on Wednesday, tbe 7th day of September next, at ten o'clock A. M. of each of aid days, to receive, examine and adjnst said claims. Daled, March 7, 1887. .1'illN Bilt. ICommlesloner. WILLIAMN. STEVENS, f IJ 17. O The IHKltv GTTIDB la taaned hrpt. and Murrli, each }mr. Un 315S pagfi, h ¦ . 1 I ' j lui In s. il li uur 3.5OO in uut i uiiniK - m hole Picture (...11. rj. GIVKS Wholesale Prtces direct to conmtmrrs on all goods for personal or fuuiily uur. '1 lis how to order, and j-1t exact oost of rverythtng yoa nse, eat, drink, wr, or hu, ftan with. Thrae INYALUABIJB IUHIKS contJtln Information 1. nu. I f rom the uaikrtl of the vrorld. We wlll mail a copy VREE to any addresa pon rewlpt of 10 et, to defray expense of maUlng. l. i u h. ¦ Dram yon. Brspectfnlly, MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. 227 de 220 Wabaab Aveauc. I luo, lik , SUBSCRIBE for the COUKIKR. I


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