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Woman's Work

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"Men work frora mom tlll set of sun." They lo. "Hut a woman'a work is never done,'' (.ulte true. Forwhen mie she's flnlshed.soraethtngs fouud Awaltlng a beginning all year rouud. Whether lt be To draw the tea, Or bake the bread, Or make the bed, Or ply the broora, Or 'lust the room, Or floor to scrub, Or kmves t rub, Or table to set, Or meals to get, Or shelves to scan, Or fruit to eau, Or seeds to aow, Or planta togrow, Or flnens bleitch, Or 1,'sscms teiich. Or butter churu, Or Jackela turn, Or pollsh glass, Or pĂ­ate or brasa, Or clothes to mead, ' ir i'iiilil to tend, Or notes lndlte, Or storles wrlte - But I most stop, for really lf I should Name all the ors, take me a diiy lt would. So many are there that I do declare More boats than I could count would have a pair And yet enougb. be left ; and, men folks, these Same ors propel your bark o'er houxehold seas, Into snnny havens where you rest at ease. And. one word inore - don't you forget lt please.


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