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The Catamaran Scheme

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O nee iraiti the scheme to split in two tlie medica! departinent of the University h as been brought forwurd by its paren t to thcjattentton of the public. The scheme Is not a iirw uní', though it is dressed up in a new and flowery dictioa eiich time it isresurrected. There are several fatil objections to it. Ist. It is impracticable. You divide a house and it cannot stand. You split our medical department in two and you destroy its ellieacy. Wliat would be thouirlit of an annouucciuent: "Tlie U. of !! mediciil department located at Detroit and Ann Arbor?" 2J. The change 3 unciilled (or. The supply of clinical material here at Aun Arbor is all that can be utilized to advantafie and when necessity requires greater tacilities the state will probably do what t iihvays has done, enlarge thein sutliciently. Sd. Students would not attend such a catamaran college. If clinical material is what they need so mticli for their last two years, they would go to Xew York City or Brooklyn where the tacilities are so inuch superior to Detroit. Wliy not? Board is as cheap in one place 'as the other, and the New Yoik cliniques are far ihead of what they eau ever hope to be in Detroit. ¦Itli. Studeuts have to be of sucli mature age when commenelng the stmly of medicine that a four ycais ( m would not be pursued. One of the most learned and valiiable professors In the medical department informs us tliat "one great reason wliy the rraduutes of the University of Michigan aic lo imiversally successful is bccause their time is niven to xttulying quite as much if not more than to looiing at the wonderful suriical operations of uu expert.1' Surgery is only one department of a physician's education, and of no more impórtame than a thoroujrh iindenUndlng of chemistry, etc. "üraduates of our I'niversity stand at the head of the professiou everywhere, almost, in the northern states. In CfaioaRO, in öt. Louis, and even down east in Brooklyn, N. Y., sueli is the case. Is not this fact one of the best possible argumenta for allowuig the college to renais as it is? "There are several reasons why oor medical departmeot has proapered and grown famous. Ist. Education is chea)er liere than In almost any olhcr nstitntlon in the country. 2d. The facilitiea for tli study of chemistry are the best in the world. 3d. The best instructor in the world, probably, certainly in the United States, s to be round here in the person of Prof. Ford, which together willi tho excellent and otton famous n ¦putations of Rueh other Inttructon as Dr. Frothmgham adds reatly to the value of the school." Laylng all other constderations aside this one remains : Tlie Medical Department of the University has never deterloratctl. It has stcadily advanced frota its nception until to-day, it has beeome sccond to no other school of the kind on the continent. All thls has been done without the aiil of any jrreat public hospital of a reat city to furnisli material for cliniques. A wisu man lcU well enoush alone. A 'oolisli man never k'iows when he is well off and freqii'Mitly lusos what l:e bas obtaiiifd by adopting of preUjr bilt Impractical tbeories. Ilon. .1. Ii. Moort?, (.1 Lapeer, who was recently elected circuit jude of the sixth judioal circuit, OonsWtlDg of Oakiand anti .'milities by a majority of 649, is ii frradn.ito of the Unlversity of Michigan. He made it uagslfiMllt urn agtlnat a most popular opponent who had held the office for uuiny tcrms, Judfe Stlekney, tim of Liipeer. The Listemann concert was n grand success musically, though nol quite as siuv cessful financially us ODfCht to have been. It is rather discouraglng to the promoters of these musical entertalnmeDtl to have Uwen no better patremized. Tlie very hot talent to be procured has been broii)ilit here, and every entertaimnent eliould hnve been greetcd wltb a crowded house. In the annual report of the Attorney General, we flnd the report of Prosecuting Attorney Norris, wliich gives the niimber of persons proseented at 180, for the following offences: Adultery 4, asjatilt and baltery "i2, assanlt with intent to kill 3, assault witli intent to do grwt bodily hanu 2, bnrjjlary 3, carelesa use of lire anus 1, cruelty to animáis 1, disorderly 2U, dUturbing meeting 1, entering freijrli t c;ir with intent to obtiiiu paMtge 4, t'ulse pretenses 3, forgery I, indecent zpouin of person 1, atteuipt to coiumit larceny 1, luiceny from dwellins; 6, l;irceny from freiglit car 1, larceny 20, im:ilicious lnjury to house !), mullcious njiiry to personal property 4, morder I, rape S, robbeiy 7, Criminal slunder 2, tlireattnmj; bodily banu 7, unlttwfiil liiinting on enclosod landt l, rtolütloa of llquor lw 11. In VVayne couuty tbere wera 8,288 persons prosecuted- wliiitli must keep uu offleer pretty bimy.


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