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ID THE CREAT Germán RemedyJ IaTRUTHS FORTHESICK.n Kor tluwf .U-!ïtTihTTÖÓ!nvïïnïö17il BlHoupSpi'llsilcponil for aoasewheresri.lll onSlLI'HIKlinTKKJi I'IU'R lilTTKKS "II it wlll run1 you. not asslst or cure. ItJJ Q DnyoUBUnerwltll "'vt'r fa"aW lthattlreüandallgone ciranse the vitkttedlll llfeelln; lf eo, use ,iood when jam xct-l I M.SDLmrR Bhters; its impnrities l.urst 1 1 Hl It wlll cure you. iwthroagli Uw skiuil II UpiraUvcsnlioare '" Jiniple. UlutohesJ I IUpW,lir ,.oiiihh-,i In Koo 'Sores. Rely on Q?he nills and woA Si V"" BllTE,R1'a ¦¦shops; clerks.who do , healttl wi" ío1 S In not procure suffirlent 2Ü-___I Illexenlse, andallwbo sr I lareoonflned Indoor. w .'„re I lvpr (ol I Hlabould U86 SlLPIHR ' ',UrTwteri ui I Hbittkks. Thcy wlll .„„„cd tvílÚVurülII g not tlica bc weü and "sed ' " w m curt S U lf VOU .In IlMt Ulh SjJUJBjm IilTIKRilJl Illto suiTer from Kheum w11' l)ul111 .Tou 'P Rnd I latlum, use a Ixittle of lliak(' -vou strougandl II I Isri.rnrit Bitters healthy. Ultn.-vcrfalli.tocure. sitlphir ItiTTKRslll ?'t he ithuut a will make your blool!H -i-bottlo. Try it: you pure, rlrhandstrong.EiJ H wlll not rppi't It. md yourfleBh hard. [Tl III I.adk's In dt'lii-ute Try si Lfiiru Hit III ¦llheaUh, who are all rhus to-nlght, andlll rundown,should use you will leep welllll MSULPHTIllIlTTKRS. Ulil ft'l'l bl'tliT furlt. 11 Do you want the liefst Medical Work published? 8end 8 2-oent stamp to A. 1'. Okdway X CO BostOD, Mass., and reëel ve a eopy, free. BRING YOUR PAMPHLETS TO THE COURIERBINDERY! AND HAVE THEM Bound in Style i DIRT CKLEA.P


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