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THE Buporiorlty of Coralina over horn or whalebone bas now been demonstrated by over eix years experlence. It is more durable, more pliablo. more comfortable, and NEVER BREAKS. The immense sale of thaae Corsets la now over 70OO daily. Beware of worthless imitations boned with varlous klnds of cord. None are genuino unios "Dr. Warner's Coralino" isprinted on lnaldeof the steel cover. FOB SALE BY ALL LEASING MEROHANTS. AÍflRWFR RRfl3 257 4 259 SUUStm, 1MTÍ1TT1TT t be mnde. Cut thls out and reI ill L V "lr" t0 u9 a".d wt" wl" u"eilyon I IV P I ""''¦' ¦"""''tliiiii; of sreat v lut I II I I and importance to you, thi wlll etart yon in hulneia which wlll brlnt yon Id more money rift. t aay than anytliing elseln Ihig world. Anyooe "can do ihf wurk and live at home. Either ex ; all ace. Something new, tliut iust cuins money for all workirc. We will sturt you ; capital no' neeiltd. Tnislfoneof the pennloc , important chancos of a 'ifetime. Those who nre amhltioti and cutiTprising will not dt'lay. AddressTBUK A Co., Auctista, Maine. FOR SALE. BaMUfUl Hiiliiirlinn Imnsp :i or ÓO eres. Ín Town ol Aun Arbor, Nortb ol t'ity i.n Whit¦non l,ake rosui, '-'{ mtle from Oonrt house. Uood brlck liotise, fratna lmrn, Rrainery and hen-liousf, BSO piwoh, 10 ;ipls and UK) pear trees; clu-mes, plnmbc, nll yoang and benrlrK trees, Krapaa, qalneÓB, nutpberrfaa, tlackii tiics. Plenty f wnter, two wella, oreek and Hurón ti vi r. I'. O 15.. x 1640 (EO. L. LOOMIS. ISSOLITION OF PARTSERSHIPVTOTICK s h.Ti-l.y Kiven thnt the partnerII -iiiii latei; labalillDB between JNIle H. wlnana and Jama M. Htafford under llie flrin ñama ot Witmns A Stafford was disolved by mutual eousent on the Beventh dayol l'Yluiiary, 1887. All debta ilue to llie sjilil partnsrablp mi thoM ilue by them will be settled wltli nnd by James W sturtonl whowlll contluue tlie business al the oíd ¦laad, N. H. WIN N'S. J M. STAFFORD Ann Arbor, M,h., Fi-brnary llh, WANTED. BICYCLE AGENT. We want a Live Agent for Anu Arborand vlclnlty to handle AFOLLO" and other Slnger ('yoles. Liberal Discount. 8end for our Catalogue. PETROIT nicVlLK CO., (aute No. 'M Woodward Ave., V AeeIlls talWMT, .Muit "


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